Welcome to our ultimate guide for taking down the Dreadclaw boss in Wild Hearts. This crazy rooster Kemono has some serious moves up its feathered sleeves, including screeching shockwaves and brutal claw lunges that can make it a tough customer to deal with.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help. In this guide, we’ll show you how to take advantage of the Dreadclaw’s weaknesses, recommend the best gear to use, and share some sweet tips and tricks to help you beat this feathered fiend. So, get ready to show this bird who’s boss and come out on top in your Wild Hearts adventures.

Dreadclaw Weaknesses, Strengths, Attribute Effectiveness, and Physical Effectiveness.
  • Location: Natsukodachi Isle, Sal Tree Hollow
  • Attribute: Wind
  • Attribute Weaknesses:
  • Weak parts: Head, Wings, Throat
  • Physical Weakness: Slash
  • Elemental Weakness: Fire

How To Beat The Dreadclaw

  • Aim For The Head And Throat
  • Do Not Dodge Backwards
  • Use Bulwark And Torch Karakuri
  • Use Fire Weapons With Slash

Target the Head, Wings, Throat

While you can attack any of the monster’s parts to deal damage, its head, wings, and throat are its weakest points. It would help if you prioritized them first. Use fire attacks to target its weak spots for maximum damage. This creature is most effectively defeated using weapons capable of performing slash attacks, such as a Katana or Nodachi, so it is advisable to consider bringing one of these weapons.

Tip: Your chances of successfully dodging its attacks will increase if you can learn to identify when the creature is about to charge.

Do Not Dodge Backwards

Most of the monster’s attacks are forwards and back to back, so you should not dodge backward. Even if you evade the first attack, you will be hit by the follow-up attacks. Dodge towards the sides to avoid taking damage. Moving backward to dodge them will only leave you vulnerable to a subsequent attack.

Use Bulwark And Torch Karakuri

These are two of the things that we recommend using. The Karakuri can counter the charging attacks and stagger the monster. The Torch Karakuri adds elemental and ailment damage plus you can use it to do a jump attack.

Use Fire Weapons With Slash

The Dreadclaw is weak against fire attacks and ailments, and slash attacks. Use this to your advantage and pick weapons that have these attributes.

How to Counter Dreadclaw Attacks

  1. Beak Slam Counter: Dodge forward toward Dreadclaw.
  2. Bottom Slam Counter: Roll sideways.
  3. Neck Swipe Counter: Dodge forward.
  4. Scream Shockwave Counter: Dodge to the side.
  5. Running Charge Counter: Dodge to the side or use Bulwark Karakuri.
  6. Horn Lung Counter: Dodge to the side or use Bulwark Karakuri.
  7. Flying Kick Counter: Dodge to the side.

Dreadclaw Rewards And Material Drops

The following are the materials and rewards that you can get from the Dreadclaw:

  • Zephyr Crystal
  • Spineglider Claw
  • Small Kemono Skin
  • Ninja Teardrops
  • Ninja Kemono Blood
  • Dreadclaw Talon
  • Dreadclaw Skin
  • Dreadclaw Corona

This is how you can beat the Dreadclaw in Wild Hearts. To learn more, check out our guides on how you can beat the Sapscourge and Kingtusk.

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