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How To Beat Boss Rash In Vampire Survivors In 2023


Vampire Survivors Boss Rash is a 15-minute challenge stage set in a confined arena. The stage is notable for featuring every miniboss and boss from the game, escalating in intensity and difficulty as time progresses​​.

The arena provides limited space with set spawn points for items. Most of the passive items in the game are available in this stage, but acquiring them can be tricky and sometimes counterproductive due to the nature of the enemies encountered​​.

Enemies in Boss Rash, primarily bosses and minibosses, start with a health multiplier and gain additional health as time goes on. This makes early elimination of bosses crucial to avoid overwhelming situations​​.

Unlocking Boss Rash In Vampire Survivors

To unlock Boss Rash in Vampire Survivors, a critical prerequisite is unlocking Hyper Mode for all five normal stages: Mad Forest, Inlaid Library, Dairy Plant, Gallo Tower, and Cappella Magna. This is accomplished by surviving for 25 minutes in each stage and defeating the respective boss that appears at the end​​.

Note: Boss Rash mode also leads to the Atlas Gate Relic.

How To Beat Boss Rash In Vampire Survivors

boss rash stage Vampire Survivors.

The enemies spawn in waves, each wave introducing new challenges. Notably, at the 10-minute mark, the Ender appears, significantly ramping up the difficulty​​. The 11-minute mark introduces the Drowner, further complicating the battle, and the 12-minute mark brings large golems from the Dairy Plant​​.

Two types of pressure plates appear in the arena at 0:30, 1:30, 2:30, 3:30, 4:30, 5:30, 6:30, 7:30, 8:30, and 9:30: one accelerates the enemy spawn cycle, and the other respawns all enemies in the current wave. Using these strategically can help manage the enemy waves more effectively​​.

Reaching the 15-minute mark is the ultimate goal. At this point, Death will appear, adding another layer of challenge.

Opt for a character with a strong starting weapon and growth potential. Gains Boros, unlocked in the Bone Zone, is an excellent choice due to its high base damage and growth per level. Combining this with the right Arcana and passives like Spinach, Empty Tome, Candelabra, Bracer, and Duplicator can significantly boost your chances of success​​.

Keeping a Rosary for critical moments, especially to deal with Drowner and his group, can be a game-changer. It helps clear out difficult enemies quickly and create breathing room​​.

Running Boss Rash With Porta

This strategy involves starting with the Game Ender Arcana. The key benefit of this approach is that it prevents you from picking up experience points (XP), which in turn affects the scaling of bosses’ health. Since most bosses’ HP scales with your level, having no XP means the bosses will have significantly lower health, making them easier to defeat.

Alongside the Game Ender, purchasing all of Vizard’s weapons significantly boosts your cooldown and area of effect capabilities. This results in a much more potent attack power and control over the battlefield, especially effective in the confined space of Boss Rash.

Sometimes you can find success by sticking to just one weapon throughout the Boss Rash stage. The challenge here is to resist the temptation to pick up additional weapons, especially as the stage progresses and the difficulty ramps up.

To facilitate a single-weapon approach, you can unlock the ability to set the number of weapons before entering a stage by achieving 100 entries in Collections. Alternatively, for those who don’t mind bending the rules, typing “teleportustomars” in the main menu (without quotes) can also achieve this.

  • Choose Your Weapon Wisely: If opting for a single-weapon strategy, your choice of weapon becomes crucial. Select a weapon that scales well and can handle the increasing waves of enemies effectively.
  • Manage Space and Time: Even with these strategies, it’s important to manage your movement and use of space efficiently, especially when dealing with multiple bosses at once.
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