Tower of Fantasy is an adventure pack MMORPG game that has been booming in the gaming industry since its release in 2021. A perfect game to spend your leisure time in, Tower of Fantasy engages you for hours with its exciting and challenging missions. There are many enemies in the game, and Beta Mouse Ben is one of them. In this Tower of Fantasy guide, we will help players with where to find Beta Mouse Ben and how to defeat him.


Finding Beta Mouse Ben

Before defeating the mouse, finding him is necessary. Beta Mouse Ben can be seen from afar by the sword and tire behind its back. This robot is part of the Pest brothers and has a high HP and armor, making him difficult to defeat. However, fighting it isn’t the hard part that players report about; it is locating it that is complicated.

To start with, head over to the Banges’ Shores. There you’ll find Banges’ Omnium Tower. After that, you’ll need to walk to Space Rift: Signal Station Ruins, and once there, you’ll find Ben being carried by a hyena soldier.

How To Beat Beta Mouse Ben

Fighting the mouse is quite easy if you catch onto the patterns. First, approach Ben with a steady pace, because as soon as you do, it will advance towards you with an attack.

Ben’s attacks are slow but strong in nature. Keeping this in mind is crucial to defeating him without a scratch on you. Start by avoiding any of his attacks. This will be easy since he attacks slowly. However, by any chance you get hit, stay away for a while, as it will take out your HP by a lot.

Besides that, make sure to take frost weapons with you. Frost is Beta Mouse Ben’s weakness and will deal significant damage with just one hit. However, stay away from equipping grievous weapons, as these have no effect on him.

That is all for our Tower Of Fantasy Guide, with tips on where to find and how to beat Beta Mouse Ben. For more on the game, see How To Unlock Omnium Shield and How To Unlock Spacetime Rift.