You’ll have to fight against a formidable boss when you make it to each new planet in Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope. After arriving at the third planet, you’ll come face-to-face with the Bedrock—definitely not something that’ll go down without a fight. So here’s how to beat the Bedrock once and for all.


The Bowser will be your helping hand during the fight against Bedrock. The word “rock” in the name is for a reason- its outer side is covered with rocks and a rocket launcher. However, you and your team cannot directly hit this monster due to its solid shield or cover. So, to gain an advantage over the enemy, it’s advised that four party members come together against Bedrock.

Besides, The Bedrock has a slamming attack that will deal massive damage if you’re caught under it, so be sure to heal Rabbid Rosalina after the slam. The Bedrock doesn’t discriminate between friend and foe, so everyone in its path will take damage. Bowser will stand on your back and take care of your multiple enemies.

The Bedrock will only attack the person shooting at her, but the barrels of explosives in each quadrant can be used against her. Luring her into an explosive area is the best way to take away a large amount of health and eventually defeat her. Repeating this process four times should result in Bedrock’s death. Make sure the battlefield is clean, and use leapfrog to jump over explosive barrels with your friends.

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