Arlo is one of the three Team Rocket leaders which you have to defeat in order to access Giovanni. You can only detect the leader’s hideout after you’ve defeated at least six Team Rocket grunts and acquired the mysterious components to assemble yourself a Team Rocket Radar. In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know on how to beat Arlo in Pokémon Go, after you’ve detected him using the radar.

How to Beat Arlo in Pokémon Go

If Covid-19 had not halted the world to dead zero, Arlo and the other 2 Team Rocket leaders would’ve their Pokémon rosters swapped for something new. The exact opposite is happening right now and Arlo still has the roster he used in 2020.

Arlo will use a total of three Pokémons against you; Follow this guide if you want to know how you can defeat them.

First Pokémon

The first Pokémon Arlo uses against you will likely be a Fire-type Growlithe. This one is weak to Water, Ground and Rock-type Pokémons. To make sure that you drain your Pokémons efficiently, you should go with a Rock-type to counter Arlo’s first attack because it can also be used to great effect against Arlo’s second in line. You can choose anyone from the broad spectrum of Terrakion, Rampardos, Garchomp, Mega Blastoise, Swampert and Rhyperior.

Second Pokémon

Arlo’s second Pokémon will be one of the following three:

• Blastoise: Water-type
• Steelix: Ground-type
• Charizard: Flying and Fire-type

This fight round can be a bit difficult depending on what Arlo throws your way. If he uses Charizard, you can easily defeat it using the Rock-type from the previous round. However, if he uses Blastoise, it can counter most of the Rock-type attacks. The same is the problem if he chooses Steelix. To deal with both of these, we recommend going with a Mewtwo, Zekrom, Raikou, Groudon, Regigigas, Alola Exeggutor or an Alola Golem.

Third Pokémon

The final hurdle in way of defeating Arlo will be one of the following three:

• Salamence: Flying and Dragon-type
• Dragonite: Flying and Dragon-type
• Scizor: Bug and Steel-type

Both Salamence and Dragonite are weak to Dragon, Ice, Fairy and Rock-type Pokémons. On the other hand Scizor is weak to Fire-type only, so, to beat Arlo’s final Pokémon you can experiment with your choice depending on your gameplay style. Choosing between a Mewtwo, Weavile, Mamoswine, Cloyster, Articuno, Galarian Darmanitan and Mega Houndoom should do the job for you as these are the most effective choices. You can also use a Mega Charizard X or Y if he pulls out the Salamence or Dragonite.

Defeating Arlo might prove to be a bit hefty but you’ve still got a good chance of beating him if you quickly take out his first Pokémon using a Rock-type. We also advise to save your shields for the later two rounds; it will make the battle a bit easier and improve your chances of survival.

And that’s about everything you need to know on how to beat Arlo in Pokémon Go. Also, check out our guides on how to beat Sierra and how to beat Cliff.

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