Outriders is a video game described as a “dark and brutal RPG shooter.” The game is set in an ancient apocalyptic world where the last remnants of humanity are fighting for survival. The Arbiter is a fearsome warrior who has been trained since birth to find and destroy anything they deem to be a threat to the Empire. In this guide, ill tell you how to beat the Arbiter of Descent.

Beating Arbiter of Descent in Outriders Worldslayer:

 Arbiter has the following attacks which will you face during the fight:

Dark Haze Fields

The Arbiter of Descent is one of the most challenging bosses in Outriders Worldslayer. He is constantly moving, making it difficult to avoid his attacks, and he summons protections that swing their axes in a straight line – these can be avoided by staying away from them. During this fight, the most important thing to remember is to look around for dark haze fields because they will feel like they are holding your feet, and you cannot escape.

Pro Tip: Dodging attacks and maintaining distance is the key to defeating the Arbiter.

Anomaly Drain

The Arbiter is well-known for his Anomaly Drain. He will summon four Umbral Clones with this attack. The pillar that the clone reaches will produce a Hive pillar. As a result, it will launch gigantic ringlets in a straight line from the Hive.

Pro Tip: You can quickly kill the Umbral clones but keep in mind they have a massive health bar. Try to destroy Hive. 

Dark Armaments

Dark Armaments will fire waves out in a circular pattern around the Arbiter to keep him safe and drop down your health bar.

Pro Tip: Dodging Red Telegraphs is the best strategy you can do.

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