How to Beat Anihal in Bravely Default 2

ravely Default 2 Anihal boss fight

One of the early bosses fights you will go through in Bravely Default 2 is against Anihal and her pet. To complete this section of the game you must have a good understanding of Anihal’s weaknesses and strengths. In this boss fight guide, I will explain how to beat Anihal in Bravely Default 2 using the best possible strategy.

Bravely Default 2 Boss Fight: How to Beat Anihal

Anihal is Fire Damage and a sword is effective against it. The following are the Recommended Jobs/Sub-Jobs for this section of the game.

  • Vanguard
  • Monk
  • White Mage/Freelancer
  • Bard/Black Mage

It is best to have a bard with you to make sure you can absorb the damage from Anihal’s AOE damage. The other listed classes will be useful for dishing out heavy single hit damage to deal with adds.

The following are the recommended abilities against Anihal.

  • Firebird
  • CrossCut
  • Qigong
  • Don’t Let Em Get to You

The abilities will allow you to take damage as well as do damage against Anihal. The key is to boost your single hit damage against Anihal. Moreover, you’ll want to make sure you are immune to status effects. Especially protect your White Mage to make sure you have enough healing for yourself. Give your White Mage to a White Veil and Force Armlet while the Monk should get the Silver Glasses and Power Bracers. Last but not least, give the Vanguard Silver Glasses and a Star Pendant for your Bard.

Anihal Moveset

  1. Mercy Strike: High Damage but can’t bring the target HP to 0.
  2. Mow Down: Does damage to your entire party.
  3. Muzzle: Inflict Silence to all targets.
  4. Animal Rescue: At low HP, Anihal will start to counter attacks with a beast summon.
  5. Off the Leash: Summon a beast for a special attack.

Anihal Boss Fight Phase 1

There are two phases in the Anihal boss fight. During the first phase, you should start with a strong move that does significant damage. A great starter move is to poison Anihal using your Blackmage. The first phase should mostly be about focusing on the Undine as it can use the White Wind to heal everyone. Brave 4 times before using the Monk’s Qigong Wave to take care of the Undine.

Now focus on Gelaflan before shifting your attacks to Peiste.

Anihal Boss Fight Phase 2

During phase 2 the boss fight gets much easier since the pets are gone. If any of your allies are poisoned make sure to remedy that, otherwise the Mercy Strike will take them down easily. Put the White Mage on healing duty keep chipping away at her health. The Monk’s heal drop works well against Anihal in phase 2 or go with Vanguard’s Cross Cut.

And that’s how you beat Anihal in Bravely Default 2.

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