V Rising is an action-adventure game that tasks you with taking down a powerful alpha wolf. Defeating this boss will give you the wolf transformation, but it will also earn you some valuable rewards. The wolf transformation will allow you to move faster and appear as a friendly animal to others. Defeating the alpha wolf will be easy and rewarding with the right strategy.

Where To Find Alpha Wolf

To find and slay the alpha boss, the first step is to craft the blood altar and place it in your castle. Once that is done, you need to select the alpha boss and hit the track blood button. This will cause a misty red trail to appear, coming out of your character.

This trail will point in the boss’s direction, so you must follow it until you reach the destination. The alpha boss likely will have spawned at the wolf den location.

Pro Tip: If you’re looking to take on Alpha in the V Rising, you will need to make sure your gear is at least level 20. Also, bring Vermin Slave for healing and a Spear as your primary weapon.

How to Beat Alpha Wolf

The Alpha Wolf is a fearsome opponent, but you can come out on top with the right strategy. First, keep moving and avoid as many of its attacks as possible. If you can craft some armor for your character, that will give you a significant advantage.

You may also want to try teaming up with other players to take down the boss. Finally, make sure you have plenty of healing supplies on hand. With some preparation, you can win the battle and claim your place in the land.

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