While playing the Elden Ring, you will encounter plenty of optional bosses. One of the bosses is Alabaster Lord, which is not linked with the main storyline, but you have to beat him to gather some decent loot. I’ll tell you how to beat the Alabaster Lord in this Elden Ring guide.

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Alabaster Lord is a powerful boss that uses the void to cast Lightning Orbs. The Evergoal lies to the east of Caria Manor. After vanquishing Royal Knight Loretta, you may only visit this area. To find the boss, go to the rear of the Caria Manor and head east. There will be a sparkling circle in the center of the Royal Grave Evergoal where the Alabaster Lord may be summoned by interacting with it. Be prepared for a tough fight, as this boss is very powerful and challenging to defeat. However, you will be rewarded with great loot rewards if successful.

How to Beat Alabaster Lord

When you first enter the boss arena, you’ll notice the boss is quite tall and lanky. He’s also extremely slow, with each attack taking a long time to execute. However, this can work to your advantage, as you can spam attacks at him while he’s still in the middle of his attack animation. The boss has three attacks: Slice and Dice, Lightning Orb, and Meteorite. 

Slice and Dice is by far the easiest attack to dodge. The boss will swing his sword in a diagonal position four times. You can simply roll away from him while he’s doing this or run behind him and get a few hits while he’s vulnerable. His next attack is the Lightning Orb, which he casts using his Void powers. The orb homes in on you quickly, so you’ll need to time your dodge perfectly to avoid it. Finally, the boss will use his Void Blast attack. This attack is slightly more difficult to dodge as it covers a wide area. However, you can still roll out of the way or run to the side to avoid it. With proper timing and positioning, you should be able to take down the boss easily.

The Meteorite attack is undoubtedly the boss’s most devastating move, but it also gives you a window of opportunity to score some severe damage. The key is to be aware of the slow cast animation and take advantage of it by closing the gap and attacking while the boss is casting. Despite his appearance, this boss is quite simple. His name may be deceiving, as he has low HP and rarely uses Meteorite. Keep up the assault, and you’ll eventually bring him down due to his lower HP.

This is how you can beat Alabaster Lord in Elden Ring. Need more help with Elden Ring? See Recusant Henricus Boss Fight, Mad Tongue Alberich Boss Fight, Mad Pumpkin Head Boss Fight.

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