Afflicted monsters are more powerful than the regular variants and you will encounter them in Anomaly Quests. They have powerful attacks and can become delirious, which makes them very tricky to deal with. In this Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak guide, we are going to go over how you can beat afflicted monsters.

It is worth mentioning that Afflicted monsters can have new moves and they cannot be captured. They can be caught in traps. If you get hit then you can be afflicted with the Bloodblight status effect. This effect allows you to steal health when you attack but it is going to drain your health over time.

Beating Afflicted Monsters In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

As you fight these powerful monsters, you will see parts of them glowing red. You need to hit these glowing parts. Doing so will disperse them and you will deal huge amounts of damage. If you are not fast enough then the monster will perform an explosion.

Afflicted Monsters Monster Hunter Rise

If you are successful then the monster will be knocked down and will revert its transformed state. So you do not want to battle one of these monsters for long and want to hit those glowing parts as quickly as possible.

How To Unlock Anomaly Quests

If you have yet to unlock these quests then you can do so by completing MR10 Urgent Quest. Defeat the final boss of Sunbreak and then reach MR10 to get the Urgent Quest. This will have you deal with an Afflicted Arzuros. Once you have completed the quest, the Anomaly Quests will appear in the quests list.

This is how you can beat afflicted monsters in MHR: Sunbreak and unlock anomaly quests. You can also check out our guide on getting Striped Finehide. For more content check out our Monster Hunter Rise guides hub.

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