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BitLife: How To Be Born In Oregon For Raving Lunartic


To be born in Oregon, start by creating a new character in BitLife. Select the United States as the starting country. Choose Portland as your starting city. Portland is Oregon’s largest city and ensures your character is born in Oregon.

For the purpose of just being born in Oregon, details like gender, special talent, or attributes aren’t crucial. However, if you’re aiming to complete a specific challenge or achievement that requires certain attributes (like being born a male or female, or with a specific stat), you’ll need to adjust these accordingly.

This strategy also applies if you need to be born in another state. For instance, to be born in Texas, you could choose Austin, while Biloxi is the option for Mississippi.

Being born in Oregon mainly helps in completing challenges or achievements. It could also be for personal reasons, like affinity for the state or to explore Oregon-specific opportunities in the game’s job list.

How to Complete the Raving Lunartic Challenge in BitLife

Purchase the Astronauts Job pack from the game store (cost: around $10, depending on the region).

  • Be born in Oregon: Follow the steps mentioned above to be born in Oregon, using Portland as your birth city.
  • Become an astronaut: Focus on education from a young age, maintaining a smarts stat above 90. Upon turning 18, take a part-time job and pursue a STEM degree, preferably in Physics or Mathematics. The part-time job is essential to fund pilot and cadet training.
  • Drink at the club 5+ times: Visit clubs and ensure to drink at least five times.
  • Maintain an alcohol addiction: Continue consuming alcohol to develop and maintain an addiction.
  • Retrieve 2+ Lunar artifacts while addicted to alcohol: While maintaining your alcohol addiction, complete tasks or missions that lead to retrieving lunar artifacts.

Excelling in academics is crucial for becoming an astronaut. Engage in activities that boost your smarts and choose a relevant educational path. Balancing a part-time job while studying is key to funding necessary training for an astronaut career.

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