In the grand scheme of Total War: Pharaoh, players are often driven by the ultimate goal: ascending to the esteemed position of a Pharaoh, the divine ruler of Egypt, or assuming the formidable role of the Great King of the Hittites. Achieving this pinnacle not only marks a significant triumph within the campaign but also bestows numerous Victory Points and additional perks. However, the path to such exalted titles is not straightforward and demands strategic prowess, political sagacity, and military might. In this guide, I will take you through everything you need to know on how to become a Pharaoh or Great King in Total War Pharaoh.


Choosing Your Path

If you’re not kicking off the game as Suppiluliuma (yeah, the big guy starts as Hittite Great King), you’ve got some serious decisions to make. A few turns in, the game throws a curveball your way, making you choose between gunning for the crown in sun-soaked Egypt or throwing down among the Hittites. This isn’t just some arbitrary choice; it’s going to shape your entire playthrough, determining the Ancient Legacies you can tap into and the title you’re gunning for.

And here’s a pro tip: you don’t have to rush this decision. If you’re not starting on the sacred land of the empire you’re eyeing, no sweat—just hold off on choosing sides until you’re good and ready.

Increasing Legitimacy To Gain Power

You can’t just waltz into an empire and declare yourself the boss—you’ve got to earn it. Enter Legitimacy: the bread and butter of your claim to the throne. Whether you’re going the way of the Egyptians or the Hittites, you’re going to need to rack up those Legitimacy points. How, you ask? Flex those strategic muscles, show off your architectural prowess with some jaw-dropping monuments, and get down and dirty with some court intrigue.

The Clash for the Crown: Civil War

Here’s where things get spicy. Once you’ve stockpiled enough Legitimacy, you’re not just another noble—you’re a full-blown contender for the crown. This means you can stir the pot and kickstart a Civil War, or jump into one that’s already brewing. And the cherry on top? You get access to some sweet gear that screams “royalty,” giving you an edge in the chaos to come.

But remember, the clock’s ticking. Civil Wars don’t last forever, and when the dust settles, the big cheese is whoever’s got the most Legitimacy, even if they just crashed the party last minute.

The Burden of the Crown: Reigning Supreme

So you’ve clawed your way to the top—congrats! But don’t get comfy just yet. With the crown comes some serious firepower, like elite troops at your beck and call, but it also paints a massive target on your back. Other power-hungry leaders will be gunning for your spot, and if they get enough Legitimacy, you could be looking at another Civil War on your hands.

Your best bet? Keep building that Legitimacy and flex those royal powers to keep potential rivals in check. Stay sharp, and you just might keep that shiny crown on your head.