Baldur’s Gate 3 is a game filled with intricate details, and one of the challenges players might face is the crafty Tiefling pickpockets. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate this situation.


The pickpocketing event is tied to Mattis’s coin toss dialogue. After engaging in this dialogue and making a purchase from his shop, you might be targeted by Silfy, the pickpocket.

How To Prevent Being Pickpocketed

  • Win the Perception Check: After engaging with Mattis, you’ll be prompted with a Perception Check. Succeeding in this check will prevent Silfy from stealing your belongings.
  • Interact Wisely with Silfy: If you confront Silfy post the attempted theft, opt for a more understanding dialogue, suggesting he relax. This approach ensures you remain on good terms with Mol, a key figure you’ll encounter later. A hostile approach towards Silfy might make Mol aggressive towards you later on.
  • Avoid Mattis’s Shop: Engaging in dialogue about Mattis’s wares can lead to the pickpocketing Perception Check. Instead, focus on other dialogue options like discussing the coin toss, inquiring about potential scams, or returning the ring. This can deter him from his thieving intentions. You can also choose to bypass the Tieflings altogether, though this might mean missing out on trade opportunities and other side quests.

What To Do If You’ve Been Pickpocketed

  • Notice the Missing Items: Exiting Mattis’s shop might trigger a Perception Check, making you realize some of your items are missing. This initiates the “Find Your Belongings” quest.
  • Interrogate Silfy and Mattis: Once you realize you’ve been pickpocketed, confront both Silfy and Mattis about your missing items to progress in the quest.
  • Rescue Mirkon: Before attempting to access the Tiefling Hideout, ensure you rescue the Tiefling boy, Mirkon. He possesses the password for the hideout entrance, and his safety is pivotal for Mol to return your belongings. Mirkon can be located at the Secluded Cove, northeast of the Emerald Grove, where he’s found enchanted by a singing harpy.

Finding The Tiefling Hideout

  • Speak to Doni with Mirkon’s Password: If you’ve saved Mirkon, he’ll provide a password to access the Tiefling Hideout. This ensures a peaceful entry without upsetting Mol.
  • Alternate Entry: Behind Mattis’s shop, there’s a ladder leading to a hole. This serves as an alternative route to the Tiefling Hideout. However, it’s only accessible if you’re of a smaller stature (like a Gnome) or by using an Enlarge-Reduce spell.
  • Engage with Mol: Inside the hideout, locate Mol, who’s usually surrounded by other Tieflings. If you’ve rescued Mirkon, Mol will express her gratitude and return your belongings, concluding the quest.

Potential Risks

  • Entering the Hideout Uninvited: If you venture into the Tiefling Hideout without saving Mirkon or after being aggressive with Silfy, Mol might ask you to leave. Ignoring her warning could result in the Tieflings departing with your belongings, ending the quest but leaving you without your items.

Alternate Access Methods

  • Engaging with Doni without the Password: If you interact with Doni without Mirkon’s password, you’ll need to rely on your skills or resort to bribing him with 10 Gold for hideout access.

Remember, Baldur’s Gate 3 is a game of choices, and every decision can lead to different outcomes. Stay vigilant, make informed decisions, and you’ll navigate the world of Tiefling pickpockets with ease.