After playing Modern Warfare for close to 300 hours, I can safely say that one of the biggest flaws is its fall damage. It is so annoying and makes no sense how a trained soldier can fall off a small ledge and die. Well, it is a video game but still, why haven’t they fixed this yet? Anyways, after researching how to avoid fall damage I think we finally have a way to counter this Modern Warfare issue.

How to Avoid Modern Warfare Fall Damage

While we have had ways to avoid fall damage in Modern Warfare in the past, this new method is fresh and offers better protection. On top of that, it is easy to understand and apply in the game. There is a new way to avoid fall damage, it not only avoids but totally negates any fall damage you may take in Call of Duty.

The method involves having a tactical stim with you. After jumping off a ledge, a railing, or whatever, use the tactical stim before you hit the ground. This will result in you taking zero fall damage. It seems like a bug that might soon be fixed but hopefully, it won’t be. Keep your tactical stim will you and hit Q (PC) to use the stim in Call of Duty Modern Warfare to negate fall damage.

There is a second method to avoid fall damage that you should keep in mind. While you can’t use it always but if you are someone with good map awareness, this will be highly useful for you. If you jump from a height but land on a trash-filled dumpster, you won’t take much damage. The fall damage is minimum with this method. These are the only two known methods for avoiding fall damage in Call of Duty:MW. Hope this helps you avoid fall damage. For more on Call of Duty, check out our guides section.

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