The Two Point Campus comes from the makers of Two Point Hospital, which launched in August 2022. The game allows you to manage a university campus and build everything. With the progression in Two Point Campus, you need to assign tasks to focus on every department and get the maximum results. Here’s a guide on assigning tasks and specializations in Two Point Campus.

How to Assign Tasks and Specializations

To manage things at the Two Point campus, you can assign tasks to different people and assign them to a room or a place. Every staff member will perform the task that you have assigned them. For example, when you select a room for a course, only teachers and students can use that room.

Assign Tasks

Each course room is allocated by default when the academic year at campus starts. So it’s better to have room for extra space for specialization tasks.

To assign a task to a specific member, click on the member to which you want to assign any task. Click on them, or select staff management from the bottom of your screen. In the information panel of the employee, select the second last tab, where you will see a list of tasks that appear on the checklist. All tasks are checked by default to assign a specific task. Just check the specifications and uncheck the other.

Some tasks appear grey, meaning this employee cannot perform that task at Two Point Campus.

Assign Specializations

To assign any specializations to a room, select that room and go to the information tab on the screen’s right side. From that information tab, tick marks the one that you want to allow in that room and uncheck the one that you don’t want to allow in the specific room.

This is all you need to know about How to Assign Tasks and Specializations in the Two Point Campus. Need more help? See Tips on increasing student grades and happiness.

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