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How To Assign Jobs To Villagers In LEGO Fortnite


LEGO Fortnite is a crafting survival game mode included in the Fortnite. Players have to gather resources to craft equipment, create villages, and populate them with villagers. Aside from that, players can also assign jobs to villagers to automate some tasks and make their village efficient. In this LEGO Fortnite guide, I will help you with how to assign jobs to villagers.

How To Assing Jobs To Villagers

Before you can assign jobs to villagers in LEGO Fortnite, your Village needs to be upgraded. Available tasks are directly proportional to your village level. The higher the Village level the more job types will be available to you to assign to villagers.

  • Prerequisite for Job Assignments: Your Village Square must reach at least level 2 to unlock the “Foragers for Hire” perk, which enables the allocation of jobs to villagers​​.
  • Village Development: As you upgrade your village, more job types become available. For example, reaching level 6 unlocks ‘Refining Jobs’, allowing assignments like metal-smelting, textile-refining, and gem-collecting​​.

Job Types

LEGO Fortnite offers various jobs, including food, resource, and refining jobs​​. Furthermore, some villagers may inherently excel in certain jobs. For instance, characters like Beef Boss may perform better in food-related tasks, while Brite Bomber could be more suited for exploration​​.

The game’s mechanics encourage players to observe villagers’ dialogue and appearance to deduce their aptitudes for specific tasks​​​​.

How To Assign Jobs

  • Interact with Villagers: To assign a job, interact with a villager and select the “Let’s talk jobs!” option, followed by “Help the village!” The available jobs for that villager will then be displayed, depending on your village’s level and the constructed stations within your village​​.
  • Task Completion and Collection: After assigning a job, villagers will inform you of any required workstations and provide an estimated time for task completion (usually 1 in-game day). Resources can be collected at the designated time​​.
  • Villager Roles and Tasks: You can assign villagers to various roles, such as gathering food or resources or assisting in exploration. Once assigned, villagers will proceed to their designated areas to perform tasks. A tick mark will appear upon task completion, signaling that resources are ready for collection​​.
  • Villager Proficiency: While it appears there are no explicit job proficiency stats, villagers’ dialogue and appearance might hint at their suitability for certain tasks, potentially leading to better yields and efficiency​​.
  • Diverse Villager Recruitment: Villagers available for recruitment may vary depending on the biome. For example, different villagers are found in grasslands, ice, or desert bases. This diversity encourages the establishment of multiple bases to access a wide range of villagers​​.
  • Job Assignment Tips: Pay attention to villagers’ conversations for clues about their best-suited jobs. For instance, Skye often discusses treasure, indicating her proficiency in gem gathering​​.

That is all for our LEGO Fortnite guide on how to assign jobs to villagers. For more on the game, also see Can You Breed Animals? and How To Chop Cactus guides.

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