Crown Trick players are often looking for a Black Market vendor. The vendor is found as you explore the creepy dungeons of Crown Trick. Through the Black Market vendor you can buy high-end loot if you manage to save up enough currency. In this guide, we will tell you how to access the Black Market Vendor in Crown Trick. Simply put, you need to find the Black Market Vendor to access his inventory.

Where to Find the Black Market Vendor in Crown Trick

The vendor only starts to appear after you complete the first level of the game, the Realm of Nightmares. The vendor appears in the Gears of Sorrow, Tsunami of Rage, and Witchcraft of Fear chapters. To spot the Black Market vendor look for a black hole on the dungeon floor. Interact with the black hole and you will be teleported to the Black Market vendor’s location.

The Vendor sells high-end items such as Epic and Legendary wares. Once you get everything you want from the vendor you can reroll his inventory by spending some gold in the subsequent cauldron. You can do the same with other regular vendors you find in the game on the transition floors. Sometimes, Black Market vendors and regular vendors will appear on the same dungeon floor. You can actually boost your chances of encountering the Black Market vendors by getting certain items from the Hall of Reincarnation NPCs such the Black Market Merchant (item shop), Item Discounts (Item shop), Arsenal Dealer (Atelier).

And that’s all you need to know about finding the Black Market Vendor in Crown Trick.

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