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Elden Ring: How to Access Nokron, Eternal City?


One of many secrets that the player can discover in Elden Ring is Nokron, Eternal City. Discovering the city is needed in order to complete the Blaidd’s quest which is an elaborate questline we have detailed in another guide. But how does one get to Nokron, Eternal City? In this Elden Ring guide, we have detailed all there is to know about how to get to Nokron.

Elden Ring Nokron, Eternal City

The key to accessing Nokron lies in defeating General Radahn at Redmane Castle. This victory triggers a meteor impact in Mistwood, opening the path to Nokron. After your victory, navigate to the Mistwood Outskirts. The landscape changes post-battle, revealing new pathway. In southern Mistwood, locate Starfall Crater. Descend carefully, using the platforms on the eastern side of the crater.

Once in Nokron, you will start in its outskirts. This area is deceptive, with its layout suggesting you are outside the map. Progress northeast, scaling a toppled building, and enter through a window to reach the city’s heart. In the city’s central area, collect essential items like Rune Arcs and Smithing Stones. This area is dense with architecture and enemies, requiring careful navigation.

Key Items

There are a few key items that you can get while exploring Nokron. These are:

Talismans and Weapons

Make sure to grab the Clarifying Horn Charm +1 on a bridge and the Gargoyle Greatsword dropped by the Gargoyles boss.

Larval Tears

These are crucial for respeccing your character. Locations include the southwest of Nokron and the Mimic Tear boss arena.

Armor Piece

The Silver Tear Mask, dropped by the Mimic Tear boss, is a notable armor piece, offering unique benefits.

Puzzles and Boss Fights

Other than the items, there are a couple of boss fights as well as the Flame Pillar puzzle that you can solve. This puzzle requires igniting pillars scattered across Nokron. Solving it grants access to the Regal Ancestral Spirit boss.

Ranni Questline

Nokron plays a pivotal role in Ranni’s questline, linking to other areas and one of the endings in Elden Ring.

And this is all we have got in how to get to Nokron, Eternal City in ER. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our detailed Elden Ring wiki page.

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