Control The Foundation DLC is rolling out as we speak. The Foundation DLC is the very first major DLC content releasing for Control. The DLC takes place in a brand new location with new enemies and secrets for the player to uncover. And how can you access The Foundation DLC? Let’s find out.

How to Access Control The Foundation

Before you can access the new content you need to download the files. The content is available on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live Marketplace, and Epic Games Store. Once you have downloaded The Foundation DLC boot up the main game and load your latest save files.

From there on accessing Control The Foundation DLC is pretty easy. All you need to access the DLC is selecting The Foundation Mission from the missions list. The mission will have you go to The Hotline Chamber to get an emergency message from The Board. After a brief cutscene, the game will start. That’s all you need to do before starting playing. If you need more help with the game and its DLC,  check out the Control Wiki.

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