Co-op mode in Astral Chain puts on an interesting touch on the traditional formula. Before you delve into it, it might not be so easy to figure out. So here’s a guide explaining how to join a co-op mode in Astral Chain and how you play it.

Astral Chain Co-op Mode Guide

Co-op mode in Astral Chain works mainly when it comes to the interaction between the main player and their Legion weapon. This strong connection and coordination allow you to wield the full power of the weapon and the ability of the players in conjunction for the most optimum results.

To join a co-op session, at the main menu, head to the co-op tab. There, select the “Begin Co-op Play” option and pair the two controllers using the respective bumper buttons. If you want to quit the session, simply head to the main menu again and select the “Quit Co-op Play” option.

Teamwork is crucial when you’re playing in co-op mode as you’d need to be in constant communication with your partner for diffusing a situation. Once a target is selected, efforts should be made in cooperation to ensure whether the attack is to be focused on that target or on the whole group of enemies.

This creates interesting possibilities whereby the main player can deal with some enemies while the Legion (controlled by your co-op partner) can take care of the other foes. Between this dynamic is a whole lot of combo opportunities and stylistic combat moves.

Note, the Legion will move irrespective of the main player’s actions and has its own stamina bar and health. You and your friend can also coordinate on things outside the combat like solving environmental puzzles.