Cardano is among the top cryptocurrencies in the world; in fact, it is the fastest-growing and most developed blockchain in the top 10. The sky is the limit for what Cardano Ada can achieve, but for investors, the most important thing will always be its price. Cardano has the potential to flip ETH in the next bull run, but just how high can it go?


The price of Cardano will depend on its adoption rather than marketing hype and VC backing like Solana. The focus of Cardano has always been to build a new financial system for the world, so don’t expect VCs to come in and push the price to new ATHs. However, many projects within the Cardano ecosystem will see VC backing, but the Ada token itself will always struggle to get those VC dollars. No worries, though, natural adoption of the blockchain will bring new ATHs for Cardano. Cardano is one of the few blockchains in the world that is more likely to see new ATHs than Solana, DOT, and ETH (thanks to the ETH 2.0 disaster).

So now the question is, how high can Cardano go? Cardano should easily hit a 500B market cap in the next bull run, which puts its price around $15.

Best Cardano Coins to Buy Right Now

There are some great opportunities within the Cardano Ada ecosystem. Set a goal of how many Ada you want to buy, and then invest in a diversified Cardano portfolio for the best chance of hitting a good ROI.


Charlie3 Native Oracle

Charlie3 is Cardano’s native oracle that will provide data streams for various projects building on the blockchain. A thing of Charlie3 as the Chainlink of Cardano. Many notable projects are already working with Charlie3, and more are in the pipeline. From DEXs to DAOs, everybody wants a piece of Charlie3. The token is available for purchase in pretty much every Cardano DEX. Its total supply is 100M and currently sits at a $21M fully diluted market cap.

MELD Borrowing and Lending

MELD is the leading borrowing and lending protocol on Cardano. MELD allows you to take out FIAT loans by using crypto as collateral. Once the smart contract is triggered, the loan is transferred to your account anywhere in the world. You can choose a payment plan for returning the loan and earn a yield on your crypto during the duration of your loan. MELD is currently sitting at a $60M fully diluted market cap.


Min token is sitting at a very tempting $68M fully diluted market cap. Min is the leading DEX on Cardano and is among the safest and best in the market. Min is the most used DEX and has one of the highest TVLs on the Cardano ecosystem.

Cardano is a blue chip and seemingly has a bright future ahead. It is hard to predict when the next bull run will kick off, but whenever it does, Cardano is expected to lead the top 10 coins, and we will see how high it can go.