Fast Travel in Lost Ark works by activating Triports. These will cost you to teleport to different parts of the map. You can learn the basics of Fast Traveling while in the early stages of the game. There are Triports in each region, and you can interact with them to teleport anywhere on the map. So, this is the guide on how to Fast Travel in Lost Ark.


Fast Travel in Lost Ark

As we already know that we can use Triports to fast travel. These triports can be unlocked after you have interacted with any of them for the first time. Keep in mind that a Triport will not be activated unless you have interacted with it. Only after it is unlocked can you use it to travel.

After a Triport is unlocked, it would appear on your map with a golden icon having a triangle within a circle. There are two types of Triports, Active ones (Yellowish color) and Inactive ones (Grey color). There will be names mentioned for each of the Triports on a tab located on the left side of your map.

Another fast traveling item is Ocean Liners, which allow you to fast travel between different continents. It would cost you a few thousand golds, but you will be transferred to the desired port in under a minute or two.


Fast Traveling can also be done by using the Bifrost, which is unlocked when you reach level 50. Bifrost is the best method to fast travel and allows you to select any part of the map, no matter what, and you will be transferred there by just tapping one time.

The last thing that you can use to travel in Lost Ark is the Song of Return. This is found in Lutherra Castle, and there will be blue markers. These blue markers are the return points, and you can select these points as to your returning locations.

This is everything for you to know about Fast Travel in Lost Ark. Rethramis Cooking Recipes Locations, Rethramis Hidden Story Locations.