In Remnant 2, the concept of rerolling your campaign is a unique feature that allows players to experience the game in a new light. This guide will delve into the process of rerolling and when to reroll in Remnant 2.


Rerolling in Remnant 2 is akin to starting a new game plus. It reshapes the procedurally generated game world, altering the layout of the maps, the enemies you face, and the loot you can uncover. However, your character’s progression, including Traits and gear (except Key items), is retained in the new campaign. The strength of the enemies is adjusted based on your highest-level gear, ensuring the game maintains its challenge.

How To Reroll Your Campaign

Rerolling your campaign in Remnant 2 is a simple process that can be done in a few steps:

  1. Step into Ward 13: The first step to rerolling your campaign is to travel to Ward 13.
  2. Interact with the World Stone: Once in Ward 13, interact with the World Stone. Instead of choosing the ‘Travel’ option, select ‘World Settings’.
  3. Select Game Mode: On the ‘Select Game Mode’ screen, with ‘Campaign’ selected, hit the button for ‘Reroll Campaign’.
  4. Start a New Campaign: With your campaign of choice selected, hit ‘Next’. This will initiate a new campaign, keeping your character’s progression intact.

When To Reroll Your Campaign

You can reroll your campaign in Remnant 2 at any point after you’ve activated the World Stone in Ward 13. However, it’s often done after the first campaign playthrough when players want to experience new challenges, unlock additional Traits, and discover loot that they might have missed in their initial run. But due to the changes in the class system of Remnant 2, you can reroll campaign if you want to switch classes or change difficulty.

What Happens When You Reroll Campaign

When you choose to reroll your campaign in Remnant 2, it’s like hitting the reset button, but with a twist. You get to start anew, but don’t worry, your current campaign and character aren’t going anywhere. What rerolling does is it lets you carve out a new save slot to kick off a fresh campaign.

One of the perks of rerolling is that you can skip past the tutorial. You also have the freedom to select a new difficulty level, which is great if you found the previous campaign too tough or too easy. And guess what? You also get to tweak your character in the character creator and choose a new Archetype.

But here’s the best part: rerolling doesn’t mean saying goodbye to your old campaign or character. They’re still there, safe and sound. Whenever you feel like it, you can always head back to the title screen and pick up your old campaign with your original character. It’s all about having options and making the game work for you.

Strategies for Different Difficulty Levels in Remnant 2

1. Survivor Difficulty

  • Ideal for Newcomers: Survivor difficulty is perfect for those new to Remnant 2 or who prefer a more story-focused, less challenging experience.
  • Balanced Gameplay: While still presenting some challenges, especially with certain bosses, this level offers a more forgiving gameplay experience.
  • Strategy Tip: Focus on learning game mechanics, exploring different builds, and enjoying the story without being overwhelmed by too challenging encounters.

2. Veteran Difficulty

  • Moderate Challenge: Veteran offers a balanced experience with tougher enemies than Survivor, suitable for players familiar with Remnant’s mechanics.
  • Increased Enemy Resilience: Enemies deal more damage and take more time to defeat, requiring a more strategic approach.
  • Strategy Tip: Utilize cover effectively, prioritize upgrading gear, and be more tactical in engagements. Good for those seeking a balanced challenge without the intensity of higher difficulties.

3. Nightmare Difficulty

  • Highly Challenging: Enemies and bosses are significantly tougher, demanding more skill and strategy.
  • Strategy: Only advised for experienced players. Focus on mastering dodging, accurate shooting, and efficient use of mods and skills. Teamwork in co-op play can be vital

Apocalypse Difficulty

  • Ultimate Challenge: The hardest mode, recommended only for those seeking an extreme challenge.
  • Strategy: This mode requires a deep understanding of game mechanics and optimal builds. Consider specialized builds, like the invincibility build which utilizes specific gear and tactics to greatly reduce damage taken.

FAQs About Rerolling Campaign in Remnant 2

Q: Does rerolling erase my current progress?
A: No, rerolling does not erase your current progress. Your character, gear, and traits are retained, and you can return to your original campaign anytime.

Q: Can I change the difficulty when I reroll?
A: Yes, rerolling allows you to select a new difficulty level for the fresh campaign.

Q: What happens to the game world when I reroll?
A: Rerolling reshapes the procedurally generated game world, altering map layouts, enemy placements, and loot, offering a new experience.

Q: Is it possible to reroll before completing the campaign?
A: Yes, you can reroll at any point after activating the World Stone in Ward 13.

Q: How does rerolling affect my character’s level and equipment?
A: Your character’s level, traits, and equipment (except key items) are carried over in the rerolled campaign.

Q: Should I reroll if I want to try a different class or build?
A: Yes, rerolling is a good option if you want to experiment with different classes or builds without losing your overall progress.