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House Flipper 2: How To Use The Trendsetter Tool


The Trendsetter Tool in House Flipper 2 allows players to copy and apply styles from one item to another, streamlining the interior design process. After spending countless hours using the Trendsetter Tool in House Flipper 2, I am ready to share everything you need to know on how to use it properly.

How To Use Trendsetter Tool In House Flipper 2

The Trendsetter Tool becomes available after you have completed multiple types of jobs using the Flipper Tool and sold items like furniture or scraps. You earn experience through these activities, which is then used to upgrade the Flipper Tool. After unlocking the ‘Duplicate Perk,’ the next upgrade is the ‘Trendsetter.’

Once you have accumulated enough experience points and earned a Perk point, you can unlock the Trendsetter Tool​​​​. To use this tool, here’s what you need to do:

  • Equip the Flipper Tool and press ‘R’ to bring out the Wheel Menu.
  • In the Wheel Menu, select the ‘Copy Style‘ option which is located to the right of Duplicate Item option.
  • Left-click on an item to copy its style.
  • Apply this style to any other furniture or object by left-clicking on them, allowing you to match designs across different items.
  • If you select the wrong style or change your mind, you can right-click to cancel the copied style.
  • The Trendsetter Tool is especially useful for designing interiors and matching colors and patterns to create a more appealing look​​.
Equip the Flipper Tool and press ‘R’ to bring out the Wheel Menu.
In the Wheel Menu, select the ‘Copy Style’ option.
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