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House Flipper 2: How To Find Reva’s Lost Journal Location


In House Flipper 2, finding Reva’s lost journal is part of the “More Lights, Please” job for Reva Ghosal, located in the Coralroot Forest area. This job is a natural part of the game’s story progression, so you won’t miss it. If you haven’t received the email for this job, you’ll need to complete more jobs to advance the story.

Reva’s Lost Journal Location (I’m Grateful Achievement)

Begin the “More Lights, Please” job for Reva Ghosal. Once the mission starts, go inside the house by going past the glass doors. Turn right to spot a wooden staircase leading directly to the second floor.

Go up the stairs, turn left, and open the door directly in front of you to enter a large bedroom with a queen-sized bed. Look around the feet of the bed, where you’ll find Reva’s lost journal sitting out in the open.

Note: The bedroom where the journal is located offers a glimpse into Reva’s character and lifestyle. Take a moment to look around, as the room’s design might provide insights into the storyline or other aspects of the game.

Pick up the journal from the floor. Doing so will instantly unlock the “I’m Grateful” achievement in House Flipper 2. Keep in mind that you can not duplicate mission items and collectibles but other items can be duplicated.

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