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House Flipper 2: How To Duplicate Items Fast


House Flipper 2, a popular simulation game, offers players the unique ability to duplicate items. To access the duplication feature in House Flipper 2, players must first unlock the Flipper Tool’s first upgrade. This can be achieved by completing multiple jobs, selling scraps, and damaged furniture items. Utilizing the Flipper Tool frequently helps gain experience and earn Perk points. Once you have enough Perk points, you can purchase the duplicate feature from the Perks tab​​​​.

How to Duplicate Items In House Flippers 2

Once the duplication feature is unlocked, duplicating items is straightforward:

  1. Access the Flipper Tool: Go to your tools wheel, and click on the Flipper Tool, usually located in the top-right part of the screen​​.
  2. Open the Wheel Menu: Press “R” to bring up the wheel menu, which contains all the secondary upgrades, including the duplication option​​.
  3. Select the Duplicate Option: In the wheel menu, select the ‘Duplicate’ feature. This option allows you to start duplicating items and furniture​​​​.
  4. Duplicate an Item: To duplicate an item, left-click on the object you wish to copy. For instance, clicking on a cup will spawn an identical cup. This can be repeated as many times as desired, provided you have sufficient funds​​​​.

Note: Duplicating items is not the same as copying styles so the process is different as well.

Access the Flipper Tool
Access the Flipper Tool
Open the Wheel Menu and select Duplicate.
Open the Wheel Menu and select Duplicate.

Duplication Cost

It’s important to note that duplicating items isn’t free. Each duplication incurs the full price of the item, the same as if you were purchasing it from the store. The duplicated item’s cost is displayed on the Flipper Tool. This feature mainly serves to save time by eliminating the need to open the store repeatedly for the same item​​.

After duplicating items, if you wish to clear the space or earn some money, switch back to sell mode. This can be done by hitting ‘R’ again to exit duplication mode and then selling the extra items​​.

Apart from flipping houses, you can also try doing certain missions and find collectibles such as Reva’s Journal.

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