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House Flipper 2: How To Copy Styles (Perks, And Controls)


To use the style copying feature in House Flipper 2, players must first unlock specific perks within the game. Trendsetter perk perk allows players to copy styles from furniture and objects. You can earn this perk by completing jobs, selling items, and gaining experience points with the Flipper Tool​​.

Designer perk lets players change the styles of items, which is useful for quickly decorating spaces like living rooms​​.

The Trendsetter and Designer perks are essential for a broad range of styling options.

How to Copy Styles In House Flipper 2

Once the necessary perks are unlocked, you can copy styles using the Flipper Tool:

  1. Equip the Flipper Tool: Start by equipping the Flipper Tool (also used to duplicate items) in the game.
  2. Access the Wheel Menu: Press “R” to bring up the Wheel Menu which houses various options including the style copying feature​​.
  3. Select ‘Copy Style’ Option: In the Wheel Menu, find and select the ‘Copy Style’ option.
  4. Copy and Apply Styles: To copy a style, left-click on the object whose style you wish to replicate. Then, paste this style onto any other object or piece of furniture to match the design. Right-click to cancel if you’ve selected the wrong style​​.
  5. Matching Objects and Finishes: With the ‘Copy Style’ capability, you can easily match styles of different objects, such as sofas, chairs, or wood finishes on various furniture pieces. This feature is particularly useful for creating a cohesive look throughout a property​​.
Copy and Apply Styles with the Flipper Tool in House Flipper 2
Select ‘Copy Style’ Option.

Note that the “Copy Style” tool does not work on tiles/panels, so for these items, you might need to use a trial-and-error method to find the correct style​​. Copying styles is also a way to renovate your houses before you flip them. For a more detailed explanation on how to buy and sell items and house, read my guide.

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