Our Hotel Empire Tycoon Guide will help you learn the best tips, tricks, and cheats to upgrade your facilities, expand your hotels in larger cities, manage workers, and earn money.

Hotel Empire Tycoon Beginners Guide

Hotel Empire Tycoon sees you as a hotel owner, striving to provide the very best service to your visitors and make heaps of money along the way. Customer service and earning 5-star ratings are all you care about!

To help you achieve the balance of earning profit and providing the best services to your visitors, we’ve curated this Beginners Guide for Hotel Empire Tycoon.

1. Prioritize Making Money

In the Hotel Empire Tycoon, your main goal is to increase your profit. And you won’t be able to achieve this goal if you spend recklessly, especially in the early game. Therefore, try to cut your expenses down. But how to do that?

The first thing is to avoid hiring more employees than you need. Try to start small and employ only a handful of employees in each department before expanding. You should also disable advertising from the Management Office.

Lastly, try to check your expenses, revenue, and profit at the end of each day to see how you’re doing and whether you need to change things or not.

2. Expand Gradually

While making money needs to be your first priority, you won’t be able to earn a dime if there are no visitors. With an increase in demand, you’ll need to expand. Always keep an eye on how many free rooms you’ve available.

If you keep on running out of rooms every now and then, try to build some more. When it comes to building rooms, you need to build both single and double bedrooms – never build only one type of room.

3. Spend on Upgrades

After you’re done building rooms, you should try to upgrade them with better facilities to increase your income. Doing this will increase your rooms’ ratings and visitors will be willing to pay more to stay in upgraded rooms.

However, do note that you’ll have to upgrade different facilities in a room e.g. beds, furniture, showers, etc. individually. You can’t just one-click to upgrade a room entirely.

In addition to upgrading rooms, you should also consider spending on facilities such as parking spots. Visitors need a safe spot for parking their vehicles and will pay you hourly for good parking services.

4. Electricity is Paramount!

Electricity in Hotel Empire Tycoon is one of the most important resources in the game. Your hotel and all its departments need a constant supply of electricity to keep everything in check.

Without electricity, you won’t be able to upgrade your facilities and everything will go down the drain. To counteract this, you need to do 2 things: the first is to upgrade generators/batteries and the second is to upgrade electrical equipment.

Doing these 2 things will ensure that you’ve got a constant supply of uninterrupted electrical power and your facilities consume less of it.

5. Start Small, End Big

As mentioned earlier, during the early game, you should just focus on earning money. However, as you continue to grow and upgrade, you’ll start accumulating good ratings. These ratings will allow you to expand into different cities.

The name of the game is building an empire and expanding to larger cities is only the first step toward achieving the goal.

6. Take Advantage of Daily Rewards

When you log-in daily, take a moment to check all the missions that will reward you with Gems upon completion. Gems in Hotel Empire Tycoon let you buy premium upgrades, therefore, it’s a good idea to stock up on Gems.

In addition to this, you should often meet up with a VIP near the Front Desk area who will reward you with money for watching a short video ad along with other effects such as skipping nighttime and cleaning rooms automatically.

If you aren’t annoyed by short video ads, try to give them a go for some easy cash.

This is it for our Hotel Empire Tycoon Guide for Beginners. For more help on mobile games, be sure to check out our Mobile Games section.

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