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It should come as no surprise that a PlayStation game is aiming to create “industry benchmark graphics.” One look at The Last of Us 2 trailer and you can see what level of visual fidelity Sony has been able to achieve on PS4; one can only wonder what they will do on PlayStation 5 when Horizon Zero Dawn 2 comes out.

RespawnFirst founder and lead editor Sikandar Mahmood discovered a job listing on the official Guerilla Games website that gives us a few minor but interesting details about the sequel to Sony’s 2017 hit PS4 exclusive game. Horizon Zero Dawn 2 will feature “stunning environments,” “lush and stunning vegetation,” and “industry-benchmark graphics.” What’s interesting is that they are not calling it Horizon Zero Dawn 2, at least not in the job listing. In the listing, the game is only referred to as “Horizon.” Last but not the least, Horizon is created on an improved version of the Decima Engine.


Will It Be Called Horizon Zero Dawn 2?

The name doesn’t seem right, at least not from a narrative standpoint. Aloy, our lead character, spent the majority of the game trying to figure out what is Project Zero Dawn. By the end of it, she was able to discover the truth behind this top-secret project, how it got implemented, and what it meant for Aloy and Elizebeth Sobek. The origin and purpose of Zero Dawn were explained in the base game and expanded upon in the Frozen Wilds. It doesn’t make sense to call the second game Zero Dawn 2, it is likely that developers will go for a different sub-title for Horizon sequel.

A recent VGC report mentioned that Horizon sequel is releasing on PS5 this holiday season. The game was supposed to hit PS4 but Sony decided to push it to PS5 as a launch title. While it would be great to see Horizon this year, let’s keep our fingers crossed.


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