This Sidequest, The Burning Blooms, is a part of a two-story questline and is available to the player once the side quest Death’s door is finished. So this guide will make it easy for you to complete this side quest by providing complete information on its location, Who to talk to, rewards, required level, any tricks to defeat enemies, and what to do.

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This Burning Bloom is all about the reunion of Aloy with an old friend of hers, and she helps her to find a man in no Man’s Land.

Location of side Quest The Burning Blooms: After being taken care of by Varl and zo and finishing the main quest, Death’s door, Aloy finds this side quest at Stone’s Echo, a campsite in between No Man’s land

  • Required Level: Level 15
  • Rewards: 3750 XP, two skill points, 1 Carja shadow

How to Start side quest The Burning Blooms

The quest will start when Aloy starts a conversation with a woman, Mian. She tells her that she sees too many foreigners here at Stone’s Echo. Upon asking more, she reveals that Aloy is the second one the first one she saw was a huntress of Carja Grab along with a girl, Utaru enslaved person. Aloy knows about the woman. So,  she starts searching for her.

Search Talanah

Move towards the south of Stone’s Echo and follow the path marked on the map. On reaching the point, Aloy listens to some sounds of fighting. On getting close to the fighting point, she sees the huntress Talanah fighting machines and asks Aloy to join the fight against Leaplashers, a fast-moving machine that can jump on you, so it’s better to destroy them from some distance.

Conversation with Talanah

After killing Leapleashers, Aloy starts talking to Talanah. She reveals that she is searching for a hunter in No Man’s Land and her rookie, Milu.

The hunter, Amadis, was sent to the Forbidden West to find a former squad member and never came back, and she is trying to follow the trail. The last time she heard from him was on an old battlefield named The Burning Blooms. Aloys say she will accompany her to find him.

Follow Talanah and Head towards the Battlefield

Talanah will lead you towards the battlefield, where you will find an abandoned camp. Upon examining the area, you will find some footprints on dirt scanned using Aloy’s focus. Follow those footsteps.

Follow the Trail and Talk to Utaru

By following the trail, Aloy will take Talanah to an Utaru, Lel, who will be seated on a rock, talk to him. Upon investigating, Aloy gets to know that Utaru saw someone who fits the description of Amadis, but he was with the Orseam caravan and was in search of a Tenakht place, Rot. He gives them direction to a tunnel, The Spinebreak, leading towards mountains.

 Move Towards Western Ridge

Aloy follows the directions given by Utaru, where she encounters Shellsnapper stopping her path. Fight him Along with Talanah and kill it.

Note: Shellsnapper is a heavyweight machine and is not very good against fire, so allow Talanah to play the most part and stay at a distance.

Investigate the Tunnel for Clues

Enter the tunnel after killing shellsnapper. Upon investigating, you will discover deceased Oresam under some debris. The dead body is not of Amadi’s. Use focus to see a note and complete the first part of this two-story Questline. Talk to Talanah and find a way out of the mountains.

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