There are several quests to make the game more exciting for players. One such quest is The Bristlebacks which is not part of the main quest but more like a side quest in Horizon Forbidden West.

This guide will walk you through how to do the Quest The Bristlebacks in Horizon forbidden west, its location, objectives, and requirement. The Bristlebacks are listed in the main Quest under the title To the Brink. You need to complete the other two quests enlisted as The Embassy and Death’s Door to start this hunt.

Horizon Forbidden West The Bristlebacks Side Quest

The location of this quest is in Daunt, where you will find the head of Chainscrape, an early stop in the daunt. Aloy has some conversation with Ulvund, who will be resting on the left side of a tent on wooden stairs, and find out the Bristleback problem.

Proceed forward and at the center of chainscrape have a chat with Carja Majistrate, Javad the willing, sitting behind a wooden table. Then check the map, which will guide you to the location of bristleback and directs you to search west of Quarry for Bristlebacks.

The Bristlebacks

As directed in the map, go to Quarry southwest outpost and investigate a machine located on the left side of the river. You can also see some green shine around the machine, which can be collected. Move through the waterfall and proceed towards the next point on the map. At the tail of the road beside a waterfall, you will see two collapsed wooden doors can be seen. Walkthrough these doors to search the mine for Bristlebacks.

Searching Mine for Bristlebacks

You will see a track, follow that track until you find a small opening move to the left, and you will end up seeing rocks stoping the path you have to climb and enter a large cavern where you get rid of three machines to move forward in mine.

Once you are done with the machines, you will enter a tunnel with smoke emerging out of it and see many shining barrels. Find a note placed on one of these barrels and head back to Javad the Willing. Don’t use shock to eliminate them because bristleback may explode, so utilize Tripcaster.

The Rebel Camp

Open the map, and You will see a marker on the map titled ” Search North of Barren light for the Rebel Camp. ” You will only be able to retrieve this information after finishing the main quest, The Embassy. Move towards the mentioned area where Aloy will find the Rebel camp. The camp entrance will be towards the left of a tree; before entering the cave, kill all the enemies to clear the area and proceed forward.

Searching Cave

Lower the drawbridge to enter the cave once you are done with all the machines. To ultimately lower down the bridge, aim your bow at the two ropes wound on the part of the bridge. Lastly, Search the cave and return to Javad the Willing to inform him about the origin of The Bristleback.

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