Survey Drones are a type of collectible in Horizon Forbidden West. These are small drones that fly around and Aloy and catch them to get data. You need to bring them down to the ground to collect data but don’t destroy them.

You don’t need any override tool to hack into these drones so no Igniter or Vine Cutter. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to find all Horizon Forbidden West Survey Drones.

Horizon Forbidden West Survey Drones Locations

The following is the complete list of Survey Drones in Forbidden West.

Location #1: Visit the Thunderjaw Site in No Man’s Land.

Location #2: Head over to the Old Ones barricade North-East of the Plainsong settlement.

Location #3: Go to the Northern end of the Dry Yearn.

Location #4: Go to The Greenswell and visit the Northeast side of a Plowhorn Site above a Campfire.

Location #5: Go to the Southern end of Las Vegas in The Stillsands and locate a building ruin near the Tower of Tears. The drone is hovering above the building.

Location #6: Check the Northern border of the Raintrace, near the Fireclaw Site.

Location #7: Another drone is above the Slaughterspine Site in South-South-West of the Sky’s Sentry settlement.

Location #8: When you get access to the Isle of Spires, go to the west of the Legacy Landfall settlement.

Location #9: Go to the Sheerside Mountains and check North of The Bulwark and a Frostclaw Site.

Location #10: In Sand of the Sentinels check for another drone between the Eastern Plowhorn Site and Tide’s Reach.

Location #11: In Sheerside Mountains, The Graypeak, Southwest of the Sky’s Sentry settlement.

That’s everything you need to know on how to find all Survey Drones in Horizon Forbidden West. Need more help? See Black Box Locations, War Totems Locations, Signal Lenses Locations.

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