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There are several quests in each game to make the game more exciting for players. One such quest is A tribe Apart which is not part of the main quest but more like a side quest in Horizon Forbidden West. This guide will walk you through how to start the quest, its location, Rewards, and any tricks or tips about enemies and requirements to start this quest.

  1. Location of the Quest: Echo’s Stone
  2. Requirement: Level 15
  3. Rewards: 3750 XP, two skill points, Tenakht Vindicator Face Paint

Horizon Forbidden West A Tribe Apart Side Quest

  • Talk to Jaxx
  • Enter Cave and have a Conversation with Sokorra
  • Follow Sokorra
  • Find the Entrance to Riverwatch
  • Defeat the Machines
  • Go Back to Eagle Squad

Talk to Jaxx to Start the quest

Talk to Utaru Jaxx, who is standing outside of Echo’s Stone which will start the side quest A Tribe Apart. He tells Aloy that he wants to help a Tenakht group of warriors, but he can’t do it alone. He asks Aloy to join him, to which Aloy agrees to help.

Aloy follows him to the point where Tenakhth warriors settle in.

Enter Cave and have a Conversation with Sokorra

By following Jaxx, he leads you to a Cave; enter the Cave where you will meet one of the Tenakht warriors named Sokorra. She tells Aloy that both of you are not allowed here. Before the conversation turns into a battle, Jaxx handles it because he is a Tenakth and learned utaru methods.

Sokorra says that they are training for a mission, but they got ambushed by machines, and during that battle, her brother Korreh got blind. To go back, they need some ruins to show to their leader. After listening to all that, Aloy says that she and Jaxx will go with them to the deserted settlement, Riverwatch, where something of importance can be found.

Follow Sokorra

Sokorra will lead them to Riverwatch, where you will come across Burrowers and the Glinthawks by turning left to the remains. Because three people are fighting against the machine, eliminating Burrowers will not be hard. Talk to Sokorra and Jaxx after killing them and find a way to enter the remains.

Note: Use arrows to kill Glinthawks because they can fly.

Find the Entrance to Riverwatch

Search the area to find a mountain which will be behind ruins. Go up the hill and slide down into the remains from there. The actual loot which Aloy is trying to find is a lone tower that is not accessible yet.

Next, you will see a place beneath the crane. Sit on the pallet and aim the rope to land you directly into the building to access the area.

Loot the war chest by going onto the parapet using a crate, but you will find nothing there. But to move towards the next objective, Aloy needs to go there.

Defeat the Machines

Then Aloy listens to some noise and goes back to the balcony where she sees Jaxx and Sokorra going after Widemaw, a large hippo-like machine that sucks its enemy or its weapons toward it. Go down using rope and defeat the machines. Talk to Sokorra and Jaxx and tell them about the blank chest.

Sokorra says that as her brother is blind Tenakht tribe will kill him upon their return. That’s why they need the chest to stay out in the wilds. So Jaxx leads her and Alloy to the Cave.

Go Back to Eagle Squad

They head back to the eagle squad, and Aloy suggests that her brother can live among Utaru in Plainsong and the rest of the tribe can go back to Tenakht.

This is all you need to know about Side quest A Tribe Apart in Horizon Forbidden West.

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