Hood: Outlaws and Legends Tips and Tricks For Successful Heists

Hood Outlaws and Legends Tips and Tricks

Hood: Outlaws and Legends is out now which means it is time to jump into those intense heists. To be successful in your adventure you need to be aware of a few tips and tricks. In this guide, let’s go through all Hood: Outlaws and Legends tips and tricks you need to pull of a successful heist.

Hood: Outlaws and Legends Tips and Tricks

Tip #1

While playing the heists be sure to sneak around whenever possible. Being seen means you will be marked for a short period of time and all outlaws on the map can see your position.

Tip #2

While you are hiding around, make sure to assassinate enemies instead of directly engaging them. Get behind enemies to trigger the assassination option.

Tip #3

You can use misdirection to your advantage in Hood: Outlaws and Legends. Throw rocks to distract a guard.

Tip #4

Working as a team is the best way to play this game. The minimum you can do is move in pairs. If one of you gets spotted the other one can quickly assassinate the guards, who also travel in pairs most of the time.

Tip #5

Tagging enemies is a great way to make sure your entire team knows where the guards are. It helps everyone sneak around and avoid being seen.

Tip #6

Inside your hideout, you can purchase perks that have a big impact on your gameplay style. Read about perks and what they do before picking them. Choose the ones that suit the best to your class.

Tip #7

If you see wooden holes with ropes around them shoot them with Robin or Marianne, the rope will fall down. The rope will drop down, allowing you to go up.

Tip #8

You need the Sherrif’s key to open the vault. He usually roams around the main keep of the map with his minions. Approach from behind and take his key.

Tip #9

Combat in Hood: Outlaws and Legends is all about timing your attacks. Timing your dodge, parries, and attacks. Spamming attacks won’t help in combat.

And that’s everything you need to know to get you up and running in Hood: Outlaws and Legends. Need more help? See The Mystic and The Brawler class guides.

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