Hood: Outlaws and Legends Marianne Best Perks and Abilities Guide

Hood Outlaws and Legends Marianne perks and abilities

The most hard-to-master character in Hood: Outlaws and Legends is Marianne. Her perks and abilities are quite unique but her skill on the field is unmatched for sure. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about Marianne perks and skills available in Hood: Outlaws and Legends.

Hood: Outlaws and Legends Marianne Best Perks, Traits, Gear, Abilities

Marianne has 4 perks and  4 abilities in the game. Her perks mostly revolve around stealth and assassinations. She is extremely effective if you want a stealthy approach to each map.


  • Shroud: Marianne won’t be detected by guards and nearly impossible to detect for other players.
  • Smoke Bomb: Creates smoke to block vision and makes guards choke.
  • Hand Crossbow: Medium range bow that can shoot a single or multiple shot of three bolts.
  • Shadow: A blade in the dark, perform an assassination on State Guards from any direction while hiding in the bushes, smoke, or invisibility.


  • Efficient Assassin (slot 1, level 2): Faster assassinations, more XP, additional ability recharge.
  • Silent Slaughter (slot 3, level 4): While the Shroud ability is active, perform an assassination to refill the meter and extend the duration.
  • Phantom Stalker (slot 2, level 9): Reduced visibility when Shroud is active, crouch movement speed increased.
  • Roving Rogue (slot 1, level 5): Increased crouch movement speed, get more ammo from looting.
  • Territorial Thief (slot 2, level 3): Get a fully charged ability meter when the match starts. You can capture points faster and get slower chest extraction.

And that’s everything you need to know about the best perks and abilities for Marianne. Need more help? how to switch characters, tips and tricks, the Mystic class, the Brawler class.

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