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Honkai Star Rail The Boo Ha Ha! Hidden Achievement Guide


Alright, let’s break down how to snag the Boo Ha Ha! Hidden Achievement in Honkai: Star Rail, specifically in the Fyxestroll Garden area. This place is loaded with secrets, and if you’ve been wandering around there, you’ve probably bumped into the Little Ghost without even realizing it’s part of a bigger thing. But don’t worry if you haven’t spotted all the encounters yet – it’s easy to miss a few.

Your first step is heading to the lower right corner of the Fyxestroll Garden map. After taking the elevator up, you’ll meet a green ghost. This ghost will reward you with 50 Short Rro Peel consumables, a useful item for your journey.

Teleport to the center of the map, at the Verdant Terrorist entrance, and head south to find the second Little Ghost. This ghost asks for your help to reunite with a friend, who is located on the right-hand side up the hill. The camera will zoom in on the purple ghost, indicating its location. After successfully reuniting them, you’ll receive a High Praise of Model.

For the third ghost, navigate to the bottom left corner of the map. Here, interact with an incense burner. Choosing to push the incense down rather than pulling it out rewards you with 34 Granday Re PS. This choice impacts the outcome of the interaction.

Finally, teleport to the Locu Fox Forest Back Door Waypoint, located on the left side of the map. The fourth and final ghost awaits you there, completing the sequence of encounters needed for the achievement.

Upon successfully unlocking the “Boo Ha Ha!” hidden achievement in Honkai Star Rail, players are humorously rewarded with an item aptly named “Pleasant-Looking Trash.”

All Little Ghost Encounter Locations


Q1: What is the Boo Ha Ha! Hidden Achievement in Honkai: Star Rail?
A1: It’s unlocked by interacting with the Little Ghost in various locations in the Fyxestroll Garden.
Q2: How do I start the Boo Ha Ha! achievement quest?
A2: Start by taking the stone elevator after the Sojourners’ Ghastly Reverie Trailblaze Continuation mission.
Q3: Where is the first encounter for the Boo Ha Ha! achievement?
A3: Speak with the Little Ghost after taking the stone elevator post-mission and keep its gift.
Q4: What should I do at the Space Anchor at the entrance?
A4: Speak with the little spirit indicated with a “?” symbol.
Q5: Where is the third encounter for this achievement?
A5: Next to the Suppression Tower, where dialogue with spirits triggers automatically.
Q6: What is the step involving teapots?
A6: Speak with the teapots at the next location; any option advances the quest.
Q7: Where do I complete the Boo Ha Ha! achievement?
A7: Complete it at the Locufox Forest Backdoor Space Anchor with the Little Ghost.

By following these steps in the specified order, you will successfully complete the mini-quest associated with the “Boo Ha Ha!” achievement.

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