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Honkai Star Rail Summon Income in Early and Late Game


Summon income refers to the amount of in-game currency or items that players can obtain for free in order to summon new characters or items in the game. This is important because summoning is a key aspect of many gacha games, including Honkai: Star Rail, and it allows players to obtain powerful characters and items that can help them progress in the game.

The estimated summon income for the first two weeks is around 80 to 85 normal summons and 15 special summons, based on calculations of all the rewards that players can receive in the game. After four weeks, players can expect around 84 to 89 normal summons and an additional 73 special summons. These estimates are important for players who want to plan out their summoning strategy and budget their in-game resources effectively.

These numbers might change with the final release of the game but for now, it is what you get.

Early Game Summon Income Vs Late Game Summon Income

In the early stages of Honkai Star Rail, free-to-play (F2P) accounts can obtain a significant amount of premium currency, Stellar Jades, and passes. Within the first two weeks of playing, players can receive 80 Star Rail Passes, 15 Star Rail Special Passes, and 10065 Stellar Jades. The Stellar Jades can be translated into 63 Star Rail Special Passes, which allows players to reach the first pity (90 pulls) on the Seele banner within the first period of time. This early-game income is beneficial for players who want to progress quickly and obtain new characters and weapons.

Steller jade estimate early game vs late game

However, late-game income in Honkai Star Rail decreases significantly once the release freebies and one-time rewards dry up. F2P accounts can expect to receive 7 Star Rail Passes, 5 Star Rail Special Passes, and 4580 Stellar Jades per month.

The Stellar Jades can be translated into 28 Star Rail Special Passes, which is a significant drop from the early-game income. As a result, players may have to save up their currency and passes for a longer period to reach the pity system, which guarantees a rare item after a certain number of pulls.

Early-game summon income is crucial for players who want to progress quickly and obtain new characters and weapons to create the best team comps in Honkai Star Rail.

However, late-game income decreases significantly, which may require players to save up for a longer time to obtain rare items. Therefore, it is important for players to make the most out of their early-game income and plan their spending accordingly.

Disclaimer: Please note that the numbers provided for early-game and late-game summon income do not take into account any events that may occur in the game, as events often provide free rewards. Additionally, the numbers do not include any new content releases, which usually come with new achievements, one-time rewards, and other bonuses. The information presented here is meant to provide a baseline understanding of the game’s summon income, and the actual amount of resources available to players may vary depending on a variety of factors.

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