In Honkai: Star Rail, Stellar Jade is the currency used to obtain new characters and purchase Star Rail Passes for the game’s Gacha mechanics. Similar to Primogems in Genshin Impact, there are various ways to earn Stellar Jade without spending real money, but it requires completing daily activities.

There are also one-off rewards and passes to collect as you begin your journey on the Astral Express. This guide will outline the most efficient methods to farm Stellar Jade on a regular basis and provide details on all other ways to collect it throughout the game.

Honkai Star Rail Stellar Jade Farming Methods

  1. Completing Missions
  2. Events
  3. Treasure Chests
  4. Warp Trotters
  5. Simulated Universe
  6. Forgotten Hall
  7. Operating Briefing
  8. Trailblaze Level
  9. Trailblazing Will
  10. World Shop
  11. Operation Breezy
  12. Achievements
  13. Imaginary Caries
  14. Character Aptitude
  15. Equilibrium
  16. Messages
  17. Redeam Codes

Completing Missions

Completing missions such as Trailblaze Missions and some Adventure Missions will reward you with Stellar Jades. While not every mission gives you Stellar Jade, most quests seem to reward you with between 30-60.


Participating in Honkai: Star Rail events is another way to easily get more Stellar Jades in Honkai Star Rail.

Treasure Chests

Treasure chests are scattered in each area. Players will receive a small amount of Stellar Jades when they open them. Basic chests get you five Stellar Jade, bountiful gives you 20, and precious rewards 30.

Warp Trotters

Warp Trotters are enemies that are also scattered in each area. Defeating them will reward you with some Stellar Jades.

Simulated Universe

You can also get Stellar Jades from the Simulated Universe as part of the Weekly Point Rewards. First-time completion rewards for Simulated Universe worlds at the Herta Space Station include around 100 Stellar Jade. You can also earn up to 75 weekly by scoring points through world completions.

stellar jade farming tips

Forgotten Hall

The Forgotten Hall is a set of battle challenges that unlocks on the Astral Express when you reach Trailblaze Rank 21. Completing each challenge will reward you with 200 Stellar Jades for every three objectives you complete.

Operation Briefing

When you complete all five goals in the Interastral Guide, you can collect Operation Briefing rewards, which usually contain 50 Stellar Jade.

Trailblaze Level

When you get enough Trailblaze EXP, you’ll go up a level, and can collect rewards from Pom-Pom the conductor. Some of these contain 50 or 100 Stellar Jade.

Trailblazing Will

This permanent beginner event gives you Star Rail Passes and Stellar Jade as you increase your Trailblaze Level. The rewards are at level 5, 15, 25, and 35, and it can be found in the Travel Log.

Reach Trailblaze Level 5Star Rail Pass x10
Reach Trailblaze Level 15
    Star Rail Pass x10
Reach Trailblaze Level 25
    Star Rail Pass x10Stellar Jade x800
Reach Trailblaze Level 35Star Rail Pass x10
Stellar Jade x800

World Shops

In each world you visit there’s a unique currency you can spend at world shops and vendors. Hitting the listed spend goals rewards you with 50 Stellar Jade that you can claim on the left side of the vendor screen.

Operation Breezy

To farm Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail, you can participate in Operation Breezy. This is a series of missions that are split into multiple parts, with each part awarding players 100 Stellar Jade upon completion. The missions become progressively harder as you advance, but with some effort, you should be able to complete them and earn the rewards.


You’ll unlock lots of achievements by playing the game, and they can be collected in the Achieved part of your menu for five, 10, or 20 Stellar Jade.

Imaginary Caries

To farm Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail, you can explore the Imaginary Caries dungeon on the map. The dungeon awards players with Stellar Jade upon clearing it for the first time. Apart from that, there are also puzzles scattered throughout the game world that you can solve to receive additional Stellar Jade rewards. Keep an eye out for these puzzles as they can be an excellent source of extra rewards.

Character Aptitude

Trying out the five-star character in the Aptitude Showcase event in the Travel Log nets you 20 Stellar Jade, and this will refresh each time there’s a new five-star.


Completing the challenge to raise your world level gives you some Stellar Jade.


Some message conversations will give you five Stellar Jade at the end of them, though they are well worth reading either way because of how funny they are.

Redeem Codes

Follow Honkai Start Rail developers on social media, mainly Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The marketing team often shares redeemable codes for free Stellar Jade. This is not the most effective way to get more Stellar Jade but it is better than nothing. Turn on the notification for the developer’s posts on social media. Currently, the following codes are available and will net you 300 Stellar Jade in total.


How to Buy Stellar Jades in Honkai Star Rail

In addition to all the ways listed above, you can quickly get some Stellar Jade by spending money. You can grab them from the in-game store and use your Stellar Jade to purchase Star Rail Pass and Star Rail Special Pass. Each cost 160 Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail.

That’s all you need to know but if you have more tips for fast Stellar Jade farming, let us know in the comments below. Honkai Star Rail is now available on PC and Mobile devices.

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