Seele does Quantum but simply getting the character is not enough. In order to make the most of her, you need to ascend her and level up her traces as well. In this Honkai: Star Rail guide, we go over all the ascension and talent materials that you need to max level Seele.

Seele Ascension And Traces Materials In Honkai: Star Rail

The following are all the ascension and trace materials that you need to max level Seele in Honkai: Star Rail:

All Ascension Materials

  • Thief’s Instinct x15
  • Usurper’s Scheme x15
  • Conqueror’s Will x15
  • Void Cast Iron x65
  • Credits x308,000

Thief’s Instinct, Usurper’s Scheme, and Conqueror’s Will can be obtained from enemies in Herta Space Station’s Storage, Supply Zones, and Simulated Universe. You can also craft them via the Omni-Synthesizer on the Astral Express. Thief’s Instinct can be obtained by completing the Daily Assignments. You can get credits from Great Mine Calyx.

Honkai: Star Rail Seele

All Trace Materials

  • Thief’s Instinct x41
  • Usurper’s Scheme x56
  • Conqueror’s Will x58
  • Arrow of the Beast Hunter x18
  • Arrow of the Demon Slayer x69
  • Arrow of the Starchaser x139
  • Guardian’s Lament x12
  • Tracks of Destiny x8
  • Credits x3,000,000

Arrow of the Beast Hunter, Arrow of the Demon Slayer, and Arrow of the Starchaser are farmable in the Calyx on the Outlying Snow Plains. Once you have the base materials, you can convert them into the higher-tier variants using the Omni-Synthesizer on the Astral Express. Guardian’s Lament is a rare material that can be obtained via the Echo of War (Everwinter Hill) domain. You can get Tracks of Destiny from limited-time events, Embers Exchange, the Nameless Honor, and Simulated Universe Points Reward.

These are all the materials that you need for Seele ascension and traces. If you want to learn more then you can check out our guide on all the materials you need to max level Himeko.

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