Equilibrium Level in Honkai: Star Rail is essentially World Tier from other popular RPGs out there. It increases the difficulty of the enemies you face in the overworld, lets you farm better rewards, and gives you the ability to ascend your characters. This is, however, something that you cannot do from the get-go. Increasing your Equilibrium Level in HSR has some pre-requisites that you must fulfill first which is what this guide will teach you.

Honkai: Star Rail Equilibrium Level

Unlike increasing your Trailblaze Rank, leveling up your Equilibrium is a fairly simple process. The 2 things, however, are connected. As of right now, the only way to increase your Equilibrium Level is by reaching a higher Trailblaze Level. After reaching a certain Trailblaze Level, you will receive a quest to complete a Trial of the Equilibrium Rift.

The location of the Equilibrium Rift will be marked on your map, making it very easy to get there to initiate the Equilibrium Trial. It basically requires you to defeat a number of powerful enemies without failing to increase your Equilibrium Level. But even if you do not manage to get it done in the first try, you are free to reattempt after making any required changes. As mentioned earlier, there are different Trailblaze Level thresholds when you receive the quest to complete an Equilibrium Trial. These thresholds are:

  • Trailblaze Level 20: Equilibrium Level 1
  • Trailblaze Level 30: Equilibrium Level 2
  • Trailblaze Level 40: Equilibrium Level 3
  • Trailblaze Level 50: Equilibrium Level 4
  • Trailblaze Level 60: Equilibrium Level 5
  • Trailblaze Level 65: Equilibrium Level 6

After successfully completing a Trial of the Equilibrium Rift, you will be given a bunch of rewards and your Equilibrium Level will move up by +1. This is currently the only way you can increase your Equilibrium Level in Honkai: Star Rail. If there are other methods added in the future, we will make sure to update the guide to reflect any changes.

This is all we have got on how to increase your Equilibrium Level in Honkai: Star Rail. For more tips and strategies, be sure to check out our detailed Honkai: Star Rail guides hub.

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