Collabs in HoloCure – Save the Fans are high-tier weapons that you can craft by combining two max-level basic weapons. You will need a Golden Anvil to be able to craft collabs. In this HoloCure – Save the Fans guide, we go over all the collab crafting options in the game and what you need to craft them.


All Collab Options In HoloCure – Save The Fans

The following is a breakdown of all the Collab options in HoloCure – Save the Fans:

CollabWeapon 1Weapon 2Attack Type
Absolute WallBounce BallCutting BoardRanged
BL FujoshiBL BookPsycho AxeMelee
Bone Bros.Cutting BoardEN’s CurseMultishot
Breathe-In Type AsacocoHolo BombPlug Type AsacocoMultishot
Broken DreamsCEO’s TearsSpider CookingMultishot
Lightning WienerPlug Type AsacocoSausageRanged
Legendary SausageBL BookSausageMelee
Curse BallBounce BallEN’s CurseMelee
Crescent BardicheIdol SongPsycho AxeMelee
Stream Of TearsCEO’s TearsFan BeamRanged
Snow Flower SakeGlowstickWamy WaterMultishot
Ring Of FitnessBounce BallCEO’s TearsMultishot
Rap DogIdol SongX-PotatoRanged
MiKoroneElite Lava BucketX-PotatoMultishot
MiCometElite Lava BucketPsycho AxeRanged
Light BeamFan BeamGlowstickMultishot
I’m Die, Thank You ForeverHolo BombX-PotatoRanged
Idol ConcertGlowstickIdol SongRanged
Frozen SeaBL BookWamy WaterMultishot
Flattening BoardCutting BoardHolo BombMultishot
Elite CookingElite Lava BucketSpider CookingRanged
Eldritch HorrorEN’s CurseSpider CookingRanged
Dragon FireFan BeamPlug Type AsacocoMultishot

That is all for out HoloCure – Save the Fans: collab cheat sheet


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