Making gold Hogwarts Legacy isn’t hard at all if you know how to do it. There are multiple ways to start making an unlimited amount of Gold in the game. For example, you can sell creatures by capturing them through the snag bag. In this guide, we will discuss everything possible money/gold farming method that works the best in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Farm Gold in Hogwarts Legacy

  • Beast Capturing For Unlimited Gold
  • Quest Payments
  • Disillusionment (Eyeball) Chests
  • Sell Unwanted Gear

Beast Capturing for Unlimited Gold

To farm gold in Hogwarts Legacy, you first need to play the main story until you unlock the ability to capture beasts. To get the snag bag, you need to complete a quest with Deek when he gives it to you in the Room of Requirements. The quest pops up around level 15, so you must wait until then to use this farming method.

Once you have the bag, head to the Forbidden Forest and reach the Puffskein den (shown in the image below).

Puffskin Dem Location

When you reach the Puffskein den, take out the NAB sack and capture the beasts. These creatures go for 120 Gold a piece, so you can make a ton of money by capturing them. The best part is that these beasts will respawn when you return to the location.

The next step is to go to Hogsmeade and visit a shop called Brood and Peck. It is a beast supply shop, and it’s marked on the map, making it easy to find.

Brood and Peck Location

You can sell the Puffskein to Brood and Peck, then repeat the process from the exact location again. You can do this as often as you like, which means you can farm unlimited gold in Hogwarts Legacy.

Quest Payments

One of the methods of earning gold in Hogwarts Legacy is making sure to get payments for quests. You can’t do it for all quests, but most side quests offer gold rewards, including Carted Away, Flying Off the Shelves, A Demanding Delivery, and Dissending for Sweets give gold rewards.

Disillusionment (Eyeball) Chests

Eyeball chests give 500 Gold each which is excellent, but the chests are hard to find, and sometimes you have to access hidden locations. The best way to open the eyeball chests is to use the invisibility clock and sneak up on it.

Sell Unwanted Gear

Throughout your time in Hogwarts castle and surrounding areas, you will find many gear and other items. Having all of them in your inventory is not a good idea, so consider selling them for gold.

That’s everything we know about farming gold for the time being. But if we encounter other methods, we will update the guide accordingly.

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