Welcome to the walkthrough guide for “The Path to Hogwarts” quest in Hogwarts Legacy! In this quest, you will receive an invitation to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a fifth-year student, which is highly unusual. However, the professors and students will do all they can to get you up to speed quickly.

Your first test takes place above the clouds, inside a horseless carriage, where you will meet Professor Fig and Ministry of Magic employee George Osric. They will discuss the rising threat of the goblin rebellion and introduce you to the name Ranrok and the object of this goblin’s desire: an ornate silver container. Get ready to embark on a magical adventure and show your worth as a wizard or witch.

The Path to Hogwarts

As the first step in the quest, board the horseless carriage that will take you above the clouds, where you will meet Professor Fig and Ministry of Magic employee George Osric. During your journey, they will discuss the rising threat of the goblin rebellion, and you must pay attention to the details of their conversation. Specifically, make note of the name Ranrok and the object of this goblin’s desire: an ornate silver container, given to Fig by Osric in the carriage.

Who Is Ranrok

Ranrok is a power Goblin leader who is trying to stoke rebellion in the wizardimng world in an attempt to start a war between the Goblins and Wizards. He is loyal to his kind and thinks the Wizards are a threat.

As you ride in the carriage, a dragon suddenly attacks. You see a strange glow around the PORTKEY container, and with the help of Professor Fig, you discover that you have a rare talent: the ability to see traces of ANCIENT MAGIC.

Professor Fig is impressed by your skills and wants to investigate them further, becoming your mentor and main partner on your upcoming adventures.

What Is A Portkey

In the wizarding world, a Portkey is a magical object that can transport a person to a specific location once touched. It’s a convenient means of transportation and can take on the form of any enchanted object. Whether it’s a boot, a kettle, or even a seemingly ordinary rock, if it’s enchanted as a Portkey, it can take you where you need to go.

The Portkey saves you and Fig from the dragon attack and transports you both to a cave.

Once the Portkey transports you and Professor Fig to a mysterious cave, it’s time for your first exploration. This is where you’ll learn the basic movements of running, jumping, and climbing over rough terrain. Professor Fig suggests drinking some WIGGENWELD POTION to heal any injuries you may have sustained during the dragon attack and Portkey travel.

As you progress through the cave, you’ll come across a magical barrier that’s blocking your path. Don’t worry, though – with the help of the BASIC CAST spell, you can easily shatter it and continue on your journey. You can explore the ruins to collect some coins but there is nothing major available in this section of the game.

Professor Fig.

Who Is Professor Fig

Eleazar Fig is a professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, specializing in Magical Theory. He had initially aspired to work for the Ministry of Magic but decided to accompany his wife, Miriam, on her research of ancient magic across the world.

After traveling extensively with Miriam, Fig decided to remain at Hogwarts as a professor, while Miriam continued on with her research. However, Miriam tragically passed away during her travels, and Fig was left feeling responsible for not being there to protect her.

Determined to finish his wife’s work and understand the circumstances of her death, Professor Fig is dedicated to his research and the study of ancient magic. Despite his tragic past, he is a kind and knowledgeable professor who is always willing to share his expertise and help his students. You can count on him as a valuable ally at Hogwarts.

As you and Professor Fig break through the crystallized stone barrier, you suddenly find yourselves standing in the grandiose halls of Gringotts Wizarding Bank. The goblin banker, perched behind his desk, demands a key to allow you access further into the bank. Thankfully, you possess the key in the form of the Portkey, which Professor Fig already has in his possession. This opens the way to Vault 12 where you meet the sleeping Goblin in a cut-scene that ends with you in front of Vault 12.

How to Solve Vault 12 Puzzles and Beat Knight Protectors

As soon as you enter Vault 12, Fig will teach you Revelio. This spell will help you reveal the path forward. Learn and Cast Revelio and then interact with the door on the opposite side to access the next area.

Learn Revelio.

The next puzzle you will encounter is the Knight Puzzle in the dark room. The reflection of the Knight moves with the light which means you need Lumos to align the Knight and its shadows. All puzzles in this section are fairly simple and act as a basic tutorial so you won’t have a hard time. Statue Puzzle #1 and #2 are both solved by using Lumos to line up the Knight Statues with their reflections.

Learn Lumos.

The Knight Protectors put up a fight when they wake up but nothing you can’t handle with Pretego, Stupefy, and your Basic Spell Cast. You can also dodge and roll to avoid their attacks.

Hogwarts and Hat Sorting Ceremony

The hat sorting ceremony is where you decide which house you want to be a part of. It doesn’t matter what answers to provide to the sorting hat because the end, you will be able to choose your house.

Professor Weasly will then walk you to the Common Room of your House; ending The Path to Hogwarts quest. The next major quest is Welcome to Hogsmeade but before you can start it you will have to attend some basic Charms classes and Learn Reparo.

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