There are a total of 48 Talents to choose from in Hogwarts Legacy. Once assigned, Talents to improve your spells, stealth, combat prowess, etc. You unlock your first Talent at Level 5 after which you will get 1 Talent Point whenever you level up. Since you are capped at Level 40, you cannot unlock more than 35 Talents in a single playthrough.

But what if you made a mistake or want to experiment with different Talents available to you? Sadly, your only options are either starting a new character or reloading a previous save since Hogwarts Legacy does not give you the ability to respec Talents.

Before you are asked to assign a Talent, you are informed to double-check your choices as Talents are assigned permanently. A small workaround that you can use is to to manually save your progress before assigning a Talent so that you are able to reload your earlier save if you are not happy with your decision. However, we do not recommend doing this.

Hogwarts Legacy Talents

And while the possibility of a respec feature being added in the future is there, we cannot provide you with a tentative time frame. We will, however, make sure to update the guide whenever such a feature is added to the game.

We hope this guide helped you learn about respec-ing Talents in Hogwarts Legacy. For more help on the game, you can take a look at these guides:

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