Merlin Trials in Hogwarts Legacy are a series of puzzles scattered all around Hogwarts Castle and its surroundings. There are over 90 Merlin Trials that you can complete but not all of them are unique. In fact, there are only 9 types of these puzzles which keep on repeating. However, a few of these Merlin Trials require you to have specific spells unlocked to complete them. Moreover, some of these trials are also time-gated, meaning you must complete them in the allotted time. But why should you bother with these? Solving these trials rewards you with additional inventory slots which is always welcome.

How to Complete Every Merlin Trial

Merlin Trials become available after you meet with Natty near Lower Hogsfield during the Trials of Merlin mission. To start a Merlin Trial, you will need to place Mallowsweet on the altar. You can farm Mallowsweet by purchasing the seeds and growing them at the Greenhouse. You can also farm them indefinitely in the Room of Requirement.


The first type of Merlin Trial in Hogwarts Legacy requires you to cast Lumos in order to attract moths in the area and then carry them to a nearby pillar. Once you have done that for all three pillars in the area, the challenge will complete.

Merlin Trial Moths

Light Torches

To complete this Merlin Trial, you will need to find three torches in the area and light them using any fire spell. Try using Confringo as it has the most range. One small problem that some of you may run into is that all three torches must be set aflame in about 15-20 seconds. This is why you should consider using Revelio to see where each torch is. Also, do not forget that you can use your Broomstick to move around the area quickly.

Light Torches Merlin Trial

Jumping Platforms

This is one of the easier challenges. To complete it, you need to jump across a series of platforms until you reach the very end.

Jumping Puzzle Merlin Trial


In this Merlin Trial, you will see multiple socket-like structures (with 4 holes) in the area. To complete it, you need to find a groupe of 5x balls in the area (Revelio helps a lot here) and use Accio to put those balls into the socket.

Sockets Merlin Trial

Destroy Stone Blocks

To complete this Merlin Trial, you will need to find around 3-4 stone blocks in the area and destroy each one. Yu can use Revelio to see their locations and then use Confringo to demolish them.

Destroy Stone Blocks Merlin Trial

Repair Statues

This is another very simple challenge. As soon as the Merlin Trial begins, statues in the area will start to crumble. To complete it, you need to use Reparo on the statues to fix them.

Repair Statues Merlin Trial

Destroy Pots

In this Merlin Trial, you will see a group of three pillars with pots on the top. To complete it, you need to use any spell that can knock these pots off the pillars. Finding these pillars is a little hard at times but once again, Revelio to the rescue.

Destroy Pots Merlin Trial

Flipping Rocks

For this Merlin Trial, you need to have Flipendo unlocked. To complete the challenge, you will need to use Flipendo on the rocks (stacked on top of one another) until the arrows engraved on them are pointing in the same direction. It is pretty simple but might take you a couple of attempts.

Flipping Rocks Merlin Trial

Moving Boulder

For the last variation of Merlin Trial, you will need to use Depulso on the large boulder in the area so that it rolls into the hole in the ground. Remember that you will sometimes need to clear a path for the boulder to get in without any hiccups. You can also use Wingardium Leviosa if you are feeling like it.

Boulder Merlin Trial

These are all types of Merlin Trials in Hogwarts Legacy and how to complete them. If you are looking for more Hogwarts Legacy content, be sure to check out our detailed Hogwarts Legacy wiki page.

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