The main story is not the only activity you can do in Hogwarts Legacy. As part of its massive open world, many NPCs are ready to offer you special rewards for completing side quests such as Dissneding for Sweats, Flying Off the Shelves, Cache in the Castle, and the topic of our guide today, “Like a Moth to a Frame.”

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  • Quest Giver: Lenora Everleigh
  • Reward: Appearances Cobalt Regalia, 180XP
  • Prerequisite: Defense Against the Dark Arts Class and Charms Class

Like Moth to a Frame Walkthrough

Lenora Everleigh Location
Like a Moth to a Frame Starting Location
Lenora Everleigh Location
Lenora Everleigh Location

The quest starts at the Central Hall after speak with Lenora Everleigh. She is looking for clues explaining the secrets of a particular painting in Hogwarts Castle. Some websites report that you only need to complete the Defense of the Dark Arts Class main quest, but in my experience, you also need to complete Charms Class before accessing this quest.

Lenora is obsessed with a mysterious painting in the center and wants your help to get some answers. The painting is blank and dark, but if you use the Lumas spell, you can see the location shown in the painting.

Use Lumos Spell on the Painting

The next step is to find the location shown in the picture. The game guides you to the location via a quest marker, so you must follow it and reach the right place. Once there, you need to take the lost moth back to the painting.

Take the Moth Back to the Painting
Take the Moth Back to the Painting

The final step is to speak with Lenora, leaning over the railing above the painting. Tell her you solved the mystery, but she will be disappointed to know that because she considered herself close to solving it.

Like a Moth to a Frame Video Walkthrough

Like a Moth to a Frame Walkthrough

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