Welcome to our guide on “Hogwarts Legacy Kneazles Den Locations,” where we will explore the cat-like creatures known as Kneazles in the magical world of Hogwarts. Kneazles are fascinating creatures that are highly intelligent and have the ability to detect suspicious people.

They can also make excellent pets for witches and wizards, but in Hogwarts Legacy, their fur is extremely valuable as it can be used to craft some of the most powerful traits on the loom in the Room of Requirement.

This guide will show you where to find Kneazle dens, which is essential if you want to rescue them and get their fur.

Note: You need to unlock the NAB Sack to catch creatures in Hogwarts Legacy, including Kneazles.

Where to Find All Kneazle Den Locations

  1. Northwest of Cragcroft
  2. Southwest of Brocburrow
  3. South of Northern South Sea Bog
  4. Southwest of Clagmar Coast
  5. Southwest of Marunweem Lake

Kneazle Location #1 – Northwest of Cragcroft

Northwest of Cragcroft Kneazle Den Location

The first Kneazle location is to the Northwest of Cragcroft Floo Flame. Teleport to the location and summon your broom to fly to the location shown in the image above. Avoid spooking these creatures by using the invisibility cloak to get closer. Take out the NAB Sack to capture Kneazles.

Kneazle Location #2 – Southwest of Brocburrow

Southwest of Brocburrow Kneazle Den Location

The second location is to the Southwest of Brocburrow in the countryside. The location is near Hogwarts Castle, the easiest to find. You use the broom to fly over there and easily collect the creatures.

Kneazle Location #3 – South of Northern South Sea Bog

South of Northern South Sea Bog Kneazle Den Location

The third Kneazle den is South of the Northern South Sea Bog, near the body of water south of Keenbridge. East South Sea Bog, Floo Flame location, is the nearest you can fast-travel and fly to the den on your broom.

Kneazle Location #4 – Southwest of Clagmar Coast

Southwest of Clagmar Coast Kneazle Den Location

The fourth Den is near Clagmar Castle, on Clagmar Coast. You can fast-travel to the South Clagmar Coast Floo Flame location.

Kneazle Location #5 – Southwest of Marunweem Lake

Southwest of Marunweem Lake Kneazle Den Location

The fifth den is to the Southwest of Marunweem Lake. Fast travel to the Marunweem Castle Floor Flame location which is nearest to the Kneazle Den.

That’s all you need to know to find every Kneazle location in Hogwarts Legacy.

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