Shiny Beasts are the most sought-after creatures in Hogwarts Legacy. Similar to Shiny Pokemon, these are purely for cosmetics and do not offer any advantage over Normal Beasts. So why should you bother with these Shinies? In all honesty, it is just for the sake of collection. Kind of like an ultimate flex. Shiny Beasts do have different colors which makes it very easy to identify them. Other than that, these do not sell for a more Galleons, yield additional resources, or anything like that.

Hogwarts Legacy Shiny Beasts Farming

Coming across a Shiny is all RNG and nothing else. However, there are some methods to make the process a little easier:

How to Force Spawns

If there are no Shinies at a Beast Den, you need to travel to a different area — basically breaking the line-of-sight. Once that is done, forward the clock by 24 hours, make sure to do a manual save, and re load that save. After that, revisit the area and see if there are any Shiny Beasts that have appeared. If not, keep on repeating the same process until you come across a few.

To capture these, we recommend casting Glacius to freeze these Shinies in place. This will provide you with ample time to capture using your Nab-sack. Depending on which Shiny you are after, you will need to head over to its Beast Den — it is marked by a paw on the map — and repeat the process detailed above.

Aiming at a Shiny Beast will display a small star-like symbol right next to its species at the top of the screen. This way you will never miss a Shiny again.

Hogwarts Legacy Shinies

Guaranteed Shiny Mooncalf

For those of you who are having a hard time coming across a Shiny Mooncalf, there is a guaranteed way to do so. For some reason, if you visit the Mooncalf Den near the South Feldcroft point, every Mooncalf you will see there will always be a Shiny. If I were to guess, this is to introduce Hogwarts Legacy players to Shinies in the world. You can keep on restarting the instance using the method above and you will get multiple Shiny Mooncalf everytime.

Hogwarts Legacy Mooncalf Den

This is how you can infinitely farm Shiny Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy. Be sure to see our detailed Hogwarts Legacy wiki page for other tips and tricks.

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