In Hogwarts Legacy, one of the collectibles you can pick up is Demiguise Statues. These are spread across the map in various regions. Some of them are easily accessible, while others are hiding. Some of these statues give access to locked areas, making them highly important for your progression in the game.


To start collecting Demiguise Statues, you need to get the Alohomora spell from Caretaker Galdwin. Of course, he will have you complete a few tasks before he hands over the spell. While Demiguise Statues are all over the Hogwarts Legacy map, in this guide, we will only share the locations for the 9 you can find in Hogsmeade.

Hogsmeade Demiguise Statues (Moon) Locations

Demiguise Statue Location #1

Go to the southern entrance of the Hogsmeade, where you will find the Tomes and Scrolls building next to Vendor Thomas Brown. Go behind the counter of Thomas Brown’s shop to find the backroom (a bedroom), where the first statue sits on a table near the window.

Demiguise Statue Location #2

Once you have the first scroll, head straight from Thomas Brown’s store and take the first left. Keep going until you come across a meat cart to your left, outside a small building with a level 2 lock. Use the Alohomora to unlock the door. Go up the stairs to reach the second floor, where you will find the Demiguise Statue on the table.

Demiguise Statue Location #3

After collecting the second Demiguise Moon, exit the house and take the first left. Run to the end of the street, where you will find Hog’s Head pub. Enter through the main door and go behind the counter to access the backroom. The third Demiguide Statue is to your left, sitting on a pile of crates.

Demiguise Statue Location #4

Exit Hog’s Head pub and run back in the direction you came from. Take the first left that leads up a set of stairs to reach J. Pippins Potions. The main door has a level 2 lock that is no match for your Alohomora spell. Go to the upper floor, inside the bedroom, where you will find the Demiguise Statue sitting on a table.

Demiguise Statue Location #5

Exit J. Pippins Potions and turn left, following the curved road until it turns left toward a set of stairs. Climb the stairs but don’t go all the way up. To your right will be The Three Broomsticks. Enter the building and go to the top floor to find a door with a level 1 lock. Use Alohomora spell to enter the door and get the Demiguise Statue.

Demiguise Statue Location #6

Exit The Three Broomsticks and turn left toward the left side of the building, and you will find a small building with a level 1 lock on it. Use Alohomora spell to unlock the front door and go to the upper floor of the house. The Demiguise Statue is on a coffee table next to the sofa.

Demiguise Statue Location #7

After collecting the 6th Demiguise Statue, exit the house and turn left, following the circular path up. You will find yourself in a market area with a giant tree to the right of it. Look for Dervish and Banges, and enter through its front door, where the 7th Demiguise Statue sits on the front desk.

Demiguise Statue Location #8

After collecting the 7th Demiguise Statue, exit through the front door, head straight, and turn left from the giant tree. Keep following the circular path, then turn right at the top to climb the hill.

Demiguise Statue Location #9

The final statue is inside a level 1 locked building across the street from Brood and Peck. After collecting the 8th Demiguise Statue, trace your steps back to where you took a right turn to go up a small hill that led to the house. This time, head straight on the bridge rather than taking a right. When you cross the bridge, the first building to your right is the one with the last Demiguise Statue of Hogsmeade. As soon as you unlock the door, the statue will be right in front of you.

That’s all you need to know to collect every Demiguise Statue in Hogsmeade. Before you go, take a look at some other useful articles we have for you: