Weird things happen at Hogwarts Castle; in fact, our weirdness is their normal. Cressida Blume is one of the students at Hogwarts and your friend in Hogwarts Legacy. She is currently having trouble with library books that flew off the shelves and ran away. When you speak with Cressida Blume, she explains the situation and requests your help. So in this guide, we will take every step to help you help Cressida Blume by completing the Flying off the Shelves side quest.

Flying off the Shelves Tips

Before we get into the walkthrough, there are some tips you need to know. The books are flying around the library on different floors. They glow, and if you use Revelio spell, you can see them through shelves, making it easier to spot them. We have a detailed guide on how to get Accio and Revelio in Hogwarts Legacy. These spells are critical to completing the Flying Off the Shelves side quest.

How to Complete Flying Off the Shelves Side Quest

  • Quest Giver: Cressida Blume
  • Prerequisite: Main Quest: Defence Against the Dark Arts Class / Main Quest: Charms Class

To complete this side quest, you must find and collect all the books that flew away. The books hide at various locations around the castle but aren’t too hard to catch. Below you will find the location of each book you need to collect in Hogwarts Legacy to complete the Flying off the Shelves Side Quest.

Flying Book Locations

Ground Floor Location

To complete the Flying off the Shelves side quest, you must bring 5 books back to Cressida Blume. All of the books are easy to find, and overall, it takes less than 2 minutes to find them all.

  • Book Location #1: The first book is on the ground floor, flying in the middle of the room. Cast Accio to pull the book toward and grab the first one.
  • Book Location #2 and #3: The second and third books are also on the ground floor, flying between the shelves on the side of the library. Get closer and cast Accio to grab the second and third books.
  • Book Location #4 and #5: The fourth and fifth books are on the library’s first floor between shelves. Cast Accio to pull them down for Cressida Blume.
First Floor Location

Once you have all the books, get back to Cressida Blume and give her the good news.

Flying Off the Shelves Rewards

Speak with Cressida Blume to get Wand Handles, Gold, and 180XP rewards for completing this side quest. However, in the end, you should select Perhaps a reward – to keep the diary a secret. And Perhaps I’m not dialogue options to get 300 Gold extra.

That’s pretty much it; I hope this helps you find all the books and get them back to Ms. Blume. If you want more help with the game, here are some guides you might like:

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